How to Optimize Airflow in Your Home Swamp Cooler Efficiency


Good airflow is an essential component to any cooling system, but it is especially important for swamp coolers. Without proper airflow, a swamp cooler cannot run effectively. That means that your cooler has to run longer to get your home to a comfortable temperature – potentially costing you more money on utility bills.

This summer, maximize the efficiency of your Air Conditioner with TLC Plumbing! Our swamp cooler experts are sharing the best tips to keep your home comfortable, cool, and cost-efficient.

Run the Pump Before Cooling Off

Swamp cooler pads need to be fully saturated in order to deliver the coolest air possible. Run the pump for 5-10 minutes before turning on the cooler all the way for faster, more efficient airflow.

Test Relief Airflow

In order for the swamp cooler to push cool air into your home, there needs to be a way for the warm air to leave. This is usually achieved by opening a window. But, sometimes opening a window up too much can actually limit airflow. You can test the relief airflow by placing a tissue near the screen of the window. If the tissue stays in place and does not fall, your system has enough relief air. If it falls, you may need to open the window a little more.

Close Doors to Rooms Not in Use

You can direct the airflow of your swamp cooler in your home to maximize efficiency. Simply close doors to rooms in your home that you’re not using while the cooler is on and open the window in the rooms you want to lower the temperature in.

Check Humidity Outside and Inside

Your swamp cooler takes the dry air from the outdoors and cools it with humidity. When there isn’t enough airflow, your home can feel damp or muggy. A thermostat can help you monitor the humidity of your home and run your cooler on a schedule that maximizes efficiency.

Listen to Your Cooling System

Your swamp cooler should not turn your home into an air tunnel. If your system is causing a whistle or a vacuum effect, you may need to open a window further or open another.

Make Sure Your Cooler Is in Top Shape

In order to operate at peak efficiency, swamp coolers require regular maintenance. TLC Plumbing performs seasonal swamp cooler tune-ups to ensure that your unit is ready for summer. Service includes:

If your AC is getting old and on its last legs, TLC can install a new air conditioner for you.

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