Protect your Home from Germs using UV Lights

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Killing Germs in Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

Different age groups are more likely than others to the flu, but everyone is at risk. You don’t have to live in fear of sickness with TLC’s method of killing germs and viruses.

What causes colds and flus?

Germs and infectious agents (viruses) are to blame for most colds and flus. When these germs get into your body, your immune system will try to fight them. If it doesn’t beat them, you get sick.

For example, you might go to a restaurant and hold a menu. If someone carrying the flu virus touched it before you, those germs get onto your hands. While eating, you touch your mouth and presto! The virus is in your body.

A strong immune system might keep you from getting sick. It also helps if you have been vaccinated for that particular virus. But if the virus gets passed your immune system, you will get sick.

Even if the germs don’t get you sick, you might still pass them on to someone else. If you are around someone who is very young or very old, you need to keep those germs away! Thankfully, there is a natural way to kill the germs and viruses that get brought into your home.

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How to kill germs and viruses that come into your home

It’s basically impossible to avoid germs, so you need a way to kill them before they spread. When you come home from work or school, germs you encountered throughout the day come with you. They quickly end up in your home and are dispersed through the air in your heating and cooling system. Your heating and cooling system, while innocently doing its job, spreads these germs to the rest of the house. It’s easier for us to catch colds and viruses this time of year because we are inside more often.

But there is a simple solution! Get a short wave UV (UV-C) lamp installed in the ductwork of your heating and cooling system. A UV lamp puts out a natural wavelength of light that is called “Germicidal UV”. Basically, this means it kills germs using natural light. When you have one of TLC’s UV lamps installed, 98% of the germs and viruses taking joy rides through your house are killed the first time they pass the light.

This is great news, especially if you are trying to keep germs away from the kids or grandparents. Please note that we are not talking about “as seen on TV” lamps. Those often require dozens of passes to kill germs. You don’t want to risk a virus making someone sick before the UV light kills it.

Additional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technology addresses other health concerns like dust, particles, pollen, chemicals and odors. Learn more about IAQ.

Your health and the health of those you love is your highest priority. With the various viruses going around, it’s time to eliminate germs in your home! If you would like to learn more about UV lamps, you can “Ask a Pro” or call us today.