Injured Citizen Receives an Unexpected Gift

Image used for swamp cooler maintenance background

If you were watching the news this week, you may have caught the story of Modesto Montano, a Rio Rancho resident who fell from his ladder and injured himself while repairing his swamp cooler on Monday. Adrian Tenorio, an astute 5th grader, noticed the incident and called 911. His quick thinking made the news, but the story doesn’t end there.

As he watched the news story, TLC Plumbing & Utility Department Manager, Bodie Vinyard developed a plan and immediately e-mailed the news channel to get the information of Modesto Montano. Bodie then went to Mr. Montano’s home after hours, determined what the problem with his swamp cooler was, and fixed it, free of charge. “I just thought about how bad it would be to come home from the hospital and not have air conditioning”.

One of TLC’s founding values is Compassion and owner Dale Armstrong says, “It is actions like this that really exemplify what compassion and caring for our community means to us.”