Charity Spotlight: Children’s Cancer Fund

It is a heartbreaking truth, but every year New Mexico children are diagnosed with cancer. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we’d feature an organization that’s doing the right things for the right reasons: The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico.

A Helping Hand for New Mexico’s Kids

The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance and fun programs for kids who have been diagnosed with cancer. From infants to teenagers, the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico provides essential support for these families while they fight to maintain their children’s health and vigor.

The Real Meaning of Service

Here at TLC Plumbing, we are inspired and amazed by the outstanding services these people provide for children in need. Here are some of the ways the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico helps New Mexico families who are facing the shock and devastation of childhood cancer:

      • Provide financial assistance for food, gas, rent, and medical expenses.
      • Reward children for their bravery with small gifts and “Bravery Bucks”
      • Take care of any special requests, so parents can stay with their children throughout the entirety of treatment
      • Provide entertainment and release for kids in treatment through art
      • Create educational opportunities for children with cancer through scholarships
      • Ensure that kids have snacks and toys to play with during their treatment
      • And so much more

The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico was created in 1972 and has raised millions of dollars to help fund the treatment and living expenses of children living with cancer. As a non-profit,  CCFNM stays running entirely off financial donations, corporate sponsorships, gifts, and volunteer efforts.

Proud Supporters

Built on a foundation of doing the right things for the right reasons, TLC Plumbing is a proud sponsor of the CCFNM, providing sponsorship for their annual Erin Trujeque Memorial Golf Tournament. An inspiring charity organization, CCFNM continues to push us to give our very best service in our community and for your home.

Support Children’s Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is a devastating disease, especially when a child is the victim. But, with the support of an entire community, New Mexico kids can fight cancer with dignity and vigor. To learn how you can help the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico, visit