What is the Problem with Hard Water?

Image of hard water stains on a wine glass

What Is the Problem With Hard Water? If you are a homeowner in New Mexico, you have probably heard about hard water and how it effects your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures. But what exactly are you up against with hard water? Who has hard water? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “everybody”. Almost all of the water in New … Read More

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

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Did you know that 95% of homes in New Mexico have hard water? Our soil is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, which seeps into the ground water. This mineral rich water is known as “hard”, and it is the water that each of us uses every day. When hard water enters your home, the minerals stick … Read More

How does a water softener work?

Diagram showing how a water softener works

Ever wonder how a water softener works? Water softeners use a process called ion exchange.  Softeners use resin that is electrostatically charged with sodium or potassium ions. As dissolved rock and minerals come in contact with the resin it releases the sodium or potassium and captures the dissolved rock and minerals, leaving the water soft and clean and soft water … Read More

Why Choose A Kinetico Water Softener?


Why should you choose a Kinetico Water Softener? We will walk you through the things to consider when making this purchase and why kinetico is a great choice.

Top 5 Hard Water Problems

Image of a lady frustrated with hardwater stains

Water spots on dishes. Crusty build up on the dishwasher or around the faucets. The need to use more laundry soap than is recommended to get clothes clean. These are just some of the problems caused by hard water. So what exactly is “hard water?” It is water with a higher than normal mineral content. The two most common culprits … Read More

Is Hard Water Raining on Your Day?


Here in the 505 we bask in the glow – quite literally – of blue clear skies and sunshine for the vast majority of our annual 365. The rain – when it comes – is welcome and worthy of celebration. But despite all that Vitamin D, outside and free for the taking, hard water can really cause the dark clouds … Read More