Top Closet Remodel Ideas

Image of a custom closet remodel

Every space is unique, with its own special storage needs and challenges. Whether you have a large walk-in closet or need a creative solution to not having a closet, you can make the most of your space with a closet remodel. Customize your space to fit your needs!

Trendy Pantry Remodel Ideas

Image of hanging utensils in a pantry

The pantry and the kitchen work together to bring the magic of food to your table! A dose of creativity can add some spice to your meals and the space where you create them. With these practical and trendy suggestions, you can create a space that does more than just store your cooking staples; it can spark your imagination too! … Read More

6 Kitchen Remodel Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

Image of a re-imagined kitchen design

You know your kitchen needs a new look. It’s time for it to join the 21st Century, but where do you start? How do you avoid getting stuck with a fad that’s going out of style? TLC’s Remodel experts got together to share the top kitchen remodel trends that are expected to stay in style for years to come. You … Read More

8 Remodel Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Image of a couple painting a wall in red

Many homeowners would agree that a remodeled room or house feels fresh and new! It is exciting to make your space more functional and dynamic. But what if you aren’t prepared to go all Chip and Joanna Gaines on your house? A fresh look doesn’t have to mean demolition and thousands of dollars. Here are 8 ideas that can give … Read More

The 5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Man Cave or She Shed

Image of a shed in pastel blue

Have you ever wished for a place you could call your own? Man caves and she sheds are popular ways to give men and women the freedom to rule their own little section of home. Whatever style your hideaway is, these five tips can help you design a space that is uniquely you. 1. Choose a location for your personal … Read More

Top 10 Trendy Outdoor Space Upgrades for 2018

Image of a trendy outdoor space

Outdoor space upgrades are popular and trendy this year! From furniture to architecture, the family outdoor living space is becoming more comfortable and inviting. What is actually “in”, though? Check out the top 10 trending outdoor living space trends for 2018. Top 10 Outdoor Space Trends for 2018 1. Outdoor Rooms Outdoor rooms are rocking the backyard this summer. The … Read More

Modern Bathroom Remodel by TLC (7 Photos)

Beautiful #remodeled #bathroom with #modern #woodfloor

TLC’s Modern Bathroom Remodel Recently TLC was hired to completely remodel this master bathroom in a home built in the early 90’s in Albuquerque, NM. The owners wanted a modern take with the warmth of traditional wood. They wanted to completely rearrange the existing bathroom into a better functional layout while updating it into a bathroom they would love.  TLC’s experts … Read More

How to choose a professional for your remodeling project


With so many home improvement shows on TV today, it is easy to get inspired and get some great ideas of how you can improve your home. But once you’re ready to start some of those projects you may be asking yourself who’s the right person for this job. Is this something you can do yourself? If you’re thinking that … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Carpet or Laminate Flooring

Image of carpet and hard wood flooring side by side

When remodeling or updating your home, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Some of those decisions are small and easy to make. But other choices, like what flooring to go with maybe really important. Laminate is very popular right now to use in living area and bedrooms instead of carpet. Here are a few things to consider … Read More

Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

Image of a bathroom with natural tile

If you own an older home, you may have a dated bathroom or two. Maybe you may have the peachy-pink painted walls, and peach, pink, or cream linoleum flooring. Or you’re blessed with the avocado green and brown look, or the beat up plastic shower and tub liners. Perhaps an old vanity with a plain countertop, and tired-looking wood underneath.