How do backflow preventers work?


Backflow preventers systems are designed to keep harmful contaminants from getting into the municipal water supply. These systems are required for commercial properties and businesses may have more than one backflow valve.  What is backflow? Water that comes into a building from main water supply should only flow in one direction into the building. However, sometimes water pressure changes can … Read More

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Business


As everyone has begun to deal with the “new normal” brought about by the many changes as a result of the Covid pandemic, many people have become more concerned with air quality and clean air in their homes and businesses.

Commercial Building Tips During Covid-19

Image showing a guy changing a commercial air filter

Many businesses in Albuquerque are pivoting and working hard to find ways to make things work during these challenging times. You may be reducing the amount of staff at your business, or are temporarily shutting down altogether. We wanted to provide tips to local businesses on things you can do today to save money and how to best shut your … Read More

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Image of a TLC employee with a level on top of a swamp cooler

Understanding the Return on Investment for Your Business Preventive maintenance tends to be one of those things that get pushed to the side to make room for other business expenses. We want to convince you otherwise. It shouldn’t be a surprise that well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently, lasts longer, and provides you with a higher level of predictability for an … Read More