APD Alliance Benefits Local Contractor



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APD Alliance Benefits Local Contractor

Albuquerque, NM — When confronting construction theft, it doesn’t hurt to have a few friends. That’s what TLC, a local plumbing and utility contractor, found when an employee noticed valuable copper wire missing from its facility over the weekend.

TLC notified detectives through a unique industry partnership with APD: the Construction Industry Crime Alliance (CICA). This private-public partnership between the construction industry and law enforcement began in 2009 and provides for rapid response to property thefts from job sites, lay-down yards, warehouses and company vehicles.

APD detectives were able to quickly coordinate with the contractor to gather information that led to an arrest by Monday afternoon.

TLC Vice President Ron Burnett highlighted the challenges facing local businesses. “Theft and vandalism continue to cost companies like ours, while impacting community money that could otherwise be spent on improving the area for future generations,” he said.

Last weekend’s incident was the third time in 2015 that TLC has utilized the alliance, essentially an anti-theft partnership between construction industry members and the Albuquerque Police Department. In May, TLC provided stolen property information to APD that resulted in a warrant and an arrest in Virginia.

Perhaps the program’s greatest benefit has been in streamlining information sharing between contractors, APD, and local businesses. APD affords CICA contractors the opportunity to meet monthly to share information regarding stolen equipment or receive theft prevention tips.

Mr. Burnett went on to praise CICA and APD’s efforts. “We’re very proud to be associated with Albuquerque’s CICA group. Their hard work and focus have greatly affected our ability to take care of customers in the area. TLC would like to thank the hard-working detectives assigned to the CICA group; we really appreciate all they do.”