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TLC provides professional drain cleaning and drains repair for homeowners and business owners in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our drains in our homes and businesses are something we take for granted, that is until you have a clog or experience a backup. Your drain system is designed to keep things flowing but when you have a clog, backup, or line break you need help fast. TLC is your local drain expert with solutions for all your drain problems. From drain cleaning to line repair & replacement to maintenance turn to TLC for 24-hour drain service.

Our plumbers in Albuquerque are qualified, experienced, and fully-equipped to diagnose and repair your drain problem on the spot. We utilize the latest in video inspection technology to locate the problem in your drain line and remove the blockage or clog or identify a repair or replacement.

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Drain Cleaning, Repair, & Replacement

TLC is capable of handling your most complex drain problems, no backup is too small or too large for our techs. From clogs and backups to removing roots and repairing line breaks. Drain problems are messy, let the professionals at TLC take care of these problems for you.

Most Common Drain Problems

We see a lot of common drain problems day in and day out. But here are some of our most common problems and ways you can help identify and sometimes minimize the impact of these problems and avoid an emergency drain situation.


If water or sewage is backing up into your bathtub(s) or shower you need help fast. Turn to TLC for quick service.


When multiple drains are clogged at the same time, there is a backup with your main sewer line.


When grease solidifies it sticks to the pipe and prevents water flow, eventually causing a backup. This added with other debris in your drain can cause a major backup.


If your washing machine isn’t draining it may not be a problem with your washing machine but your drain system.


Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of a sewer line backup. As roots get into the drain line they can cause clogs and back up into your home.


Many drain problems are caused by integrity issues of your sewer line. The good news is TLC’s drain experts can perform a video inspection of your drain and identify and repair and breaks in the sewer line.

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Residential Drain Inspections

Many potential home buyers are requesting drain inspections before they buy a home. TLC’s drain experts are qualified and experienced in performing drain and sewer line inspections for residential properties. We provide video inspections so buyers and sellers can get a thorough analysis of the drain system.

What to expect:

  • TLC will perform a video inspection of the drain line and identify any issues and concerns.
  • Along with a video of the drain line, we will provide an inspection report.
  • If any repairs are needed TLC’s plumbers can provide the sewer/drain repairs.
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Drain Cleaning

Removing Backups & Tough Clogs

TLC’s drain cleaning experts are here for you to remove even the toughest drain problems. We’ll get your drain cleared as quickly so you can get back to what’s important to you. Here are some helpful tips and information about drain cleaning:

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All of the drains in your home, from your toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers all drain into one main drain under your home then exit into the sewer or septic system from your home. When you experience clogs in multiple drains at once in your home, then that usually means that your main sewer line is backing up. This can happen in multiple locations and any combination of drains. For example, water may fill up in your bathtub when you run your washing machine. There are several combinations of this type of backup. The point is your drains all connect, and once you have a backup in your main sewer line, you’ll experience backup and overflowing from multiple drain lines in your home.

Unfortunately, this type of clogs and backups typically happen suddenly and can be quite messy and unpleasant. TLC’s drain experts are equipped to clear even the toughest drains and eliminating problems including:

  • Clearing roots in the line
  • Cleaning main drain line to street
  • Cleaning sewer line
  • Video inspection to identify the cause of drain problem
  • Installing drain cleanouts
  • Removing clogs in bathrooms
  • Removing clogs in kitchen sinks
Drain Cleaning Services

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How to clear a main sewer line clog

So now that you know you have a backup in your main line, how do you clear it? Unfortunately, main line clogs are not something a homeowner can fix. This type of clog requires a professional plumber or drain technician to utilize a drain cleaning machine to locate the clog and get it cleared. TLC can utilize a camera to see down into the drain line and locate the clog or break in the line. All TLC’s Drain Cleaning Professionals are equipped with this type of camera to identify and repair the drain problem. This type of camera is especially useful in locating a problem if you have a long sewer line from your house to the sewer system or septic system.

Drain Problems With Clean Outs

Professional drain cleaning with cleanouts is much more effective at removing clogs. Many homes have drain cleanouts, however, we encounter older homes without cleanouts. A professional plumber can add cleanouts to your home if you are having drain problems.

Drain Problems Without Clean Outs

A drain professional will need to access the drain line from the roof vents or pull out a toilet. This is usually more labor-intensive and may require additional costs. This is also not as effective because the drain machine loses torque the further you are away from the blockage.

What are sewer clean outs

A clean-out is a capped drainage pipe located on your property which connects directly to the main sewer line. Having a drain clean out allows a plumber direct access to your property’s sewer lateral so blockages can be cleared efficiently.

Installing a sewer clean out

If your property is lacking a sewer clean out, you will want to hire a licensed plumber to properly install one. The clean out installation is a multi-step process.

Step 1: First your plumber will discuss the type of sewer clean out that best fits your property.

  • Double Clean Out
  • Single Clean Out

Step 2: Next your plumber will locate the lateral and excavate a section of the pipe.

This is where the plumber will measure out a section of the lateral to cut away.

Step 3: The next step in the installation of your new sewer clean out is to measure, cut and install the new junction. Knowledge of plumbing is essential here, as you will need to fit and install the replacement section, verify the plumb, and make sure it is waterproof before filling the hole and capping the new clean out.

Learn more about about sewer clean outs on our blog.

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How To Clear A Slow Drain

One of the most common questions our drain technicians get when we respond to drain problems, is how can I prevent this from happening? The advice we give each customer is based on the type of problem they are having. Below are some recommendations to maintain your drain system.

When it comes to drain cleaners there are several options. But don’t reach for that chemical drain cleaner under your sink, we have a better option for you. We recommend you use an enzyme drain cleaner to clear slow drains. There are several benefits of using an enzyme cleaner, instead of a chemical drain cleaner.

Lenzyme Drain Cleaner For Drain Maintenance

We recommend Lenyzme drain cleaner to our customers, and here’s why.


Unlike chemical drain cleaners which can damage your plumbing system. Enzyme drain cleaners use bacteria to break down a small blockage in a drain.

Eliminates Odors

Do your drains smell when you run water in a bathroom or kitchen sink? An enzyme cleaner will eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Can Be Used Regularly

Enzyme cleaners can be used once a month to keep your drains clear of debris. See the video below on how to use Lenzyme for slow drains and for drain maintenance.

Bacteria Growth Throughout Drains

Enzyme cleaners can be used once a month to keep your drains clear of debris. See the video below on how to use Lenzyme for slow drains and for drain maintenance.

How to keep roots out of drains

Roots are one of the biggest problems for your drain system. Once you experience a backup or clog caused by roots, you will most likely continue to have to maintain your drain system to prevent backups.

Keep Drains Clear

If you consistently have backups make sure you have drain cleanouts to access your drain line quickly. A drain professional can use a rooter machine to clear the blockage. However, this does not clean the drain or prevent further backups.

Get Drains Cleaned Professionally

Hire a drain professional to hydro jet your drain system. This will thoroughly clean the drain and remove all roots. See below for additional information about how hydro-jetting works.

Chemical Root Remover

After hydro-jetting the line, a professional drain cleaner like TLC can add a chemical root remover, like Root-X to make sure there are no remaining small roots in the drain line. This is safe to use but not recommended to use for a long period of time. If you continuously have root problems it may be time to consider repairing or replacing the existing drain line.

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24 Hour Clogged Drain Repair in Albuquerque

TLC has plumbers available 24 hours a day to respond to all of your drain problems. When you have a clogged drain or a sewer backup TLC is here for you. We’ll get your drain cleared fast!

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