Why is my furnace running constantly?

Why is my furnace running constantly? Posted by on November 24, 2015 in Energy Efficiency, Furnaces, General, Heating

Your furnace is running because it’s out of shape!!

In all seriousness, this statement is actually true. If your furnace is continuously running it could be time for a tune-up and some regular maintenance.

Have you been ignoring your furnace needs?

Many homeowners don’t think about maintaining their furnace until they have a problem. In most cases, they simply plug it in and turn it on for winter. However, at the very least homeowners should change their furnace filters at the start of heating season. Dirty furnace filters are one of the biggest causes for a furnace to continuously run or “short cycle”. The dirty filter restricts airflow across the heat exchanger which causes it to get too hot! The furnace goes into cool down mode and will run the fan continuously and will cause your furnace to blow cold air.

Troubleshooting a furnace that won’t turn off

  • 1. Check the thermostat, lower the temperature to see if this shuts off the furnace. Sometimes the furnace might be running to keep up with the temperature if it is really cold outside.
  • 2. Change your filter. Like we stated above dirty filters are one of the biggest causes for this problem.

If you continue to have problems after trying these steps above its time to call a heating professional for help with heating repairs.

There are many reasons your furnace could be running more than usual but really all the reasons come back to one key point and that’s regular maintenance. To keep your furnace in shape ask your HVAC professional about getting an annual furnace inspection.

The Value of Furnace Maintenance

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