Sewer & Water Line Connections



Are you breaking ground on a new home or business? You may need to connect your pipes to the main sewer line. TLC Plumbing can help. With over 25 years of dependable plumbing service to New Mexico, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to perform sewer taps and water line connections in the public right of way for the City, County, and State.

Residential & Commercial Sewer And Water Line Connections

TLC is licensed and bonded to perform sewer and water connections throughout Central New Mexico. In order to connect to City services, permits and inspections need to be done to ensure proper connection. Turn to the experts at TLC to get you connected quickly and efficiently.

Sewer Connection

From new residence or business sewer connections to converting your septic tank or system to city sewer, TLC is here for you.

Water Connections

TLC also offers new water line connections for new homes and businesses as well as converting private wells to city water systems.

Trenchless Water Line

TLC is equipped with the latest technology to install new water lines including trenchless options like boring.

Connecting to City Sewer Systems

What you should know about connecting to the city sewer system

In order to get a new sewer line connected to a city sewer system, there are permits and inspections required to complete the installation correctly. New residences and commercial or industrial buildings within a city’s water and sewer service area must connect to the city’s water and sewer system prior to occupying the building or residence. Each city’s requirements vary slightly. But most likely the city will need to inspect all new connections before water service is activated. TLC is a full-service company, we will obtain the necessary permits to start the work and get the inspections when our work is complete to ensure proper installation and connection.

How to convert your septic system to the city sewer system

When you need to convert your home’s septic system to connect to the city’s sewer system, turn to our team of experts. TLC has years of experience disabling septic systems and connecting to city sewer. TLC will handle the entire process including pumping out your septic system and filling it in. TLC will also handle the city inspection and EPA inspections for the disabled septic system.

Connecting to city water systems

TLC is qualified to connect new water lines to the city water system in many cities in New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Corrales, Los Lunas & Belen. Whether you’re a new home or business that needs to connect to the city water system or you are looking to disable your private well, TLC is able to handle the entire project. TLC has extensive experience connecting new water lines and making repairs to existing water lines. New technology has also emerged allowing water lines to be installed through a process called thrust boring. This process allows for water lines to be installed without digging up trenches. TLC will evaluate your property to see if thrust boring is the best approach or if traditional trenching is best for your installation. However, just like sewer line installation water line connections require permitting and inspections before water can be used from the city system. TLC is experienced in permitting and inspection processes for most New Mexico cities to ensure proper connection and installation.

Trenchless Directional Boring

TLC offers trenchless options for new water line connections. At this time trenchless options are only available for small plumbing lines like water or gas lines. TLC offers trenchless water line installations for New Mexico homeowners and businesses. See our short video below to see how directional boring works.