Leaky Faucet Repair & Replacement

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Water leaks in your home can range from inconvenient to downright disastrous. TLC is your local trusted plumber experienced to locate and fix any type of water leak.

From brushing your teeth to washing the dishes, plumbing fixtures get a lot of use day-to-day. When you have problems or need new ones, it’s important to consult a professional. TLC Plumbing can repair or replace all your bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures with the high-quality craftsmanship Albuquerque home and business owners have depended on for over 30 years.

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Got a Leak? Let TLC Take a Peek

Is that drip drip drip driving you crazy? We all know that a dripping faucet can be annoying. But ignoring the problem can cost you a lot more than just sleepless nights. Get that leak fixed before it can cause you more plumbing problems and money. Did you know that water leaks can cause damage to floors, ceiling, walls, even furniture, costing you a lot of money, time and cleanup. Get it fixed now by our licensed plumbers before it causes you a lot more headaches.

Bathroom Faucet Repair

From leaky bathroom faucets to replacements, TLC can repair or replace your bathroom faucets & fixtures.

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Your kitchen faucet is essential to your home when it’s not working or needs to be replaced turn to TLC’s plumbing service experts.

Shower Faucet Repair

Showerheads and faucets can become damaged over time causing leaks and low water pressure.

Sink Water Faucet

Bathroom Faucet Repair & Replacement Made Easy

Leaky faucets can be tricky to repair without the right tools save the hassle and call TLC, we’ll take care of it for you quickly. Or if you’d like to update those old 70’s style faucets to a new sleek style TLC can update your faucets quickly and easily. One of the biggest reasons people get their faucets replaced is because they are tired of the crusted hard water minerals that have taken over their faucet. If you’re tired of hard water stains and buildup TLC has a full line of water softeners to eliminate your water problems.

Plumbing fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to find the perfect size for your plumbing. In many cases, they require specific fittings in order to operate correctly. TLC Plumbing can replace the full spectrum of bathroom faucets and fixtures.

Kitchen Faucet Repairs & Replacements

Your kitchen faucet is the centerpiece to your kitchen, it’s probably the most used faucet in your home aside from your shower faucet. Because of that, it is more likely to have issues and repairs from normal wear and tear. Your kitchen faucet is cleaned a lot more frequently than your bathroom or shower faucets because it’s a visible fixture in your kitchen. For the reasons above most people replace their faucets more frequently than any other faucet in their home. You can count on TLC to be here when you need to repair or replace this important fixture in your home. We are able to offer you the latest models and features in kitchen faucets that are compatible with your plumbing set up.

Kitchen Water Faucet
Shower Head

Shower Fixture Replacement

If your shower faucet handle breaks, you may think its a quick fix, but before you run out to the hardware store to get a shiny new faucet here are some things you need to know:

  • Not all shower faucets are the same – Unless you replace your shower handle with the same or very similar handle you may find yourself with a larger project on your hands.
  • Shower valves may be different – If you remove the faucet fixture you’ll see a shower valve behind the wall that controls the faucet. If you purchase a new handle that is different from what you previously had the new handle may not align with the old shower valve.
  • Shower valve replacement requires a qualified plumber – If you want to update your old, broken shower faucet with a shiny new updated model, TLC is here to help. As we mentioned above a shower faucet replacement can be more complicated than just replacing the handle. A shower valve replacement can require several hours to replace.

Common Causes of a Leaky Faucet

There are a number of reasons that can cause a faucet to leak. The most common reasons being:

 Damaged Parts

A slow dripping faucet left unfixed can eventually cause damage to the brass parts of a faucet, causing more repairs.

 Worn Out Cartridge

Faucet leaks are commonly found in the cartridge. While the cartridges or seals are usually durable they can wear out from normal wear and tear.

High Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure can put more wear and tear on your faucets causing the cartridge or seatl to breakdown.