Safer and Smarter Food Prep for Thanksgiving

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Be nice to your garbage disposal!

Be nice to your garbage disposal!

Holiday Garbage Disposal Tips

We can all somewhat agree that having a kitchen garbage disposal is extremely efficient, especially when cooking or cleaning out the fridge; however, throwing just anything down there can be unsafe.

Grease, coffee grounds, egg shells…even though they’re bad news for our drains, we are all guilty of throwing these items down the garbage disposal. With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s the perfect time to start taking care of your disposal so you can avoid a broken unit or worse, a clogged drain!

Thanksgiving Prep and Clean Up

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a very stressful event, especially if you are preparing a meal for several people. You can alleviate some of the stress with efficient prep to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

It’s smart to clean as you go, but think twice before throwing all scraps, cooking grease, excess veggies and ingredients in the garbage disposal. This Thanksgiving, think about these tips while cleaning on-the-go when cooking.

      • Keep the indoor trash close by. Toss all excess cooking materials and ingredients in the trash as you go.
      • Keep a bowl or the empty can from your pumpkin pie mix on the counter to store cooking grease and oil. Then toss it outside once you have a minute or recruit a kitchen helper to dispose of it.
      • If you don’t like having the trash near you while cooking, keep a garbage bag in the kitchen sink, and toss all excess materials in that bag, then throw it out.

And, avoid throwing these items down the drain:

      • Lard
      • Meat fats
      • Food scraps
      • Cooking oil
      • Shortening
      • Butter and margarine

Cleaning on the go means you have less work to do after the big meal, giving you the time to relax and take that much needed nap. Plus, by properly disposing of food items, you’ll avoid any unexpected problems and can keep your disposal working at maximum efficiency.

Discount Disposal During November

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In Case of an Emergency

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