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TLC is a locally owned and operated service company serving the Albuquerque Rio Rancho area since 1987. TLC is committed to providing excellent service for Rio Rancho homeowners and businesses. TLC offers a wide range of Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Drains services with 24-hour service.  We also offer extensive commercial and industrial services for businesses throughout the state of New Mexico. TLC has remained committed to quality service for Rio Rancho residents, many of whom are our own employees.



TLC provides 24-hour residential & commercial service throughout the Rio Rancho area.

Plumbing Services

TLC has been your local plumbing expert since 1987, we’re committed to providing you with quick reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Heating Services

TLC has an expert team of HVAC specialists to solve any of your heating problems. Don’t get left out in the cold, turn to TLC for all of your heating comfort needs.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning options have grown in Rio Rancho with refrigerated air and high-efficiency swamp coolers. Turn to TLC’s team of air conditioning experts to provide you with superior air conditioning service.

Clogged Drains

TLC offers 24 hour response for all your clogged and backed up drains. Turn to TLC for help with all of your drain needs.

Water Treatment

From water softeners to drinking water systems, TLC can give you clean, clear, great tasting water.

Home Remodeling

Over the past couple of years we have expanded our services to include bathroom and kitchen remodeling for the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area.  View our work and see our capablities.

Rio Rancho Projects

TLC is a unique service company that has a wide range of services that include site development and utility work.  Not only is TLC committed to providing you with excellent plumbing, heating and cooling services we’ve also done extensive site development work in the Rio Rancho area. Some of our projects include:

  • Well Spring Storm Drain
  • Arsenic Treatment Plant
  • Various Rio Rancho Street Rehabilitation Projects
  • City of Rio Rancho On-Call Services
  • Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

Rio Rancho Partners

TLC works with the City of Rio Rancho and the utility department on various projects as mentioned above and to ensure proper compliance and regulations regarding our services.  We work with the following organizations to ensure proper installation and to provide services to the City of Rio Rancho.

  • Utilities Department
  • Public Works
  • Residential Inspection

Community Invovement

TLC is proud to be a part of the Rio Rancho community and committed to working with other businesses and community members to continue to support Rio Rancho’s growth and development.  We are members of the following Rio Rancho organizations.