Introducing the Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitor

Never run out of salt again

Kinetico is excited to announce the new Kinex Salt Monitor. The monitor will automatically send you alerts when your salt levels are low and check the status anytime on your smartphone. TLC can easily install this monitor to your existing Kinetico Water Softener. All you really need is wifi in your home to connect the salt monitor.

  • No more hard water in your home because you ran out of salt and didn’t know it.
  • No more guessing how much salt is left in your tank.
  • No manually checking your brine tank to see if you’re low or out of salt.
  • Get texts/emails when your salt levels are low.
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TLC can easily install your new salt monitor

As your local Kinetico dealer, TLC is able to install your salt monitor and setup your system. Maintaining your water softener is now easier than ever. Schedule an appointment today.

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The New Kinetico App

Easily manage your Kinetico Water System from your phone. Access owner’s manuals, maintenance schedules, warranty and product info all from your home. Plus you can schedule service and repairs for your system.

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The new salt monitor and the Kinetico app place all the information you need at your fingertips:

  • Salt level notifications
  • Last refill date
  • Estimated number of salt bags
  • Your salt usage
  • Request service from your Kinetico dealer (that’s us!)
  • And more!
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TLC’s water experts are here to install your new Kinex Salt Monitor on your Kinetico Water Softener. Keeping up with your water softener has never been easier.

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