How To Budget For Christmas Gifts


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get gifts for everyone on your list.  Committed to saving you time and money wherever possible, TLC Plumbing has some essential tips for keeping spending low this holiday season so you can stay stress-free!

Make a List and Check it Twice

You can start by making a list of everyone you want to buy a present for. After you’ve made the list, go through the names and try to cut it down to only the people who you feel you are closest to. Keeping your list shorter means that you can spend more money on the people who matter most to you!

Budget With Cash, Not Credit

If you’re not careful, your Christmas can have a financial hangover that you’ll be paying for month after month. Try to set spending limits for your Christmas shopping based on how much cash you have, rather than the amount of credit you have available on a card.

Set a Spending Limit

If you’re working off of a list, try to set a maximum spending amount for each person instead of using a ballpark estimate. “Around $30” can easily turn into $45 and before you know it you’ll have to scrimp on people you meant to splurge on. Staying firm can be tough, but it helps to bring your list with you when you’re out and about so you can stay on task.

Get Your Craft On

From wrapping paper to decorations, you can hand-make numerous Christmas necessities that will add a personal touch to your holiday. Why not try to transform unwanted objects from your home into unique, one-of-a-kind ornaments? Or, make your gifts stand out with handmade wrapping paper. It’s easy and who knows, maybe you’ll create a new family tradition!

Get Cooking

Everyone loves a plate of holiday cookies or candy, but who says that you can only give sweets during the holidays? If you’re a skilled cook, you can whip up some of your famous dishes and freeze them for friends and family. This is an especially great idea for your older relatives, who may not have the energy to cook the way they used to.

If you’re feeling especially generous, you can use regular notecards and a binder ring to put together a recipe book for admirers of your culinary tastes. Never underestimate the power of food!

Shop Around

When it comes to getting the best bargains, it pays to shop around. Don’t forget about online bargains, too! Many stores offer free shipping during the holidays and will even wrap your gift for you.

Keep Utilities Low

Cutting down on utility costs is an easy way to save money, and can be especially effective if you’re having company for Christmas. You can make-up for that extra electricity and water your family will be using on the holiday by:

  1. Keeping doors shut in the house, this maximizes heating
  2. Throwing on a sweater instead of cranking up the thermostat
  3. Doing full loads of laundry and using a clothesline when you can
  4. Turning off the heat during the night
  5. Using ceiling fans – heat rises, so circulating the air means you have to use your heater less!

Count on TLC Plumbing

Having a plumbing emergency when you’re already on a budget? Don’t panic. TLC Plumbing provides fast and affordable plumbing services. We understand that the holidays can be stressful for your wallet. We have financing available based on approved credit and our plumbers will always provide accurate pricing for your work.