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Swamp Cooler Pads, Good, Better & Best Options Posted by on April 15, 2016 in Air Conditioning

It’s that time of year again that everyone with a swamp cooler in New Mexico looks forward to… swamp cooler start up season! Many questions come up when it’s time to start up the swamp cooler again. Many people might feel like their cooler didn’t work very well last year or they feel that maybe there was some step of maintenance they missed, so this year they want to know which is the best pad to use and how can they get the best results out of their swamp cooler this year.

First things first, if your cooler is going to do the best it can do this year, maintenance is must. The pan and cabinet should start the season clean, free of debris and hard water buildup. The float and pads need to be replaced annually. That is except for Mastercool swamp cooler pads (these brands use cell deck media and may be used for multiple years). The motor and bearing need to be inspected and oiled. The belt should be inspected for cracks or wear. The belt and pulley should be adjusted for proper CFM (cubic feet per minute) delivery. The float should be adjusted to ensure a proper water level, and of course the damper should be removed.

Getting the most out of your swamp cooler

The very best thing you can do to get the most out of what you have is to use the best pads. There are pros and cons to every pad so defining the best can be difficult. However, we can break it down to help simplify the process of making the decision about which set of pads is right for you. Aspen pads will give you the best cooling for standard swamp coolers. There are two types of Aspen pads, 1 inch and 2 inch.  Two inch Aspen pads will give you the best cooling, but 1” Aspen pads will be easier to find. Aspen pads do have one downfall. While Aspen pads may give you the most cooling capacity, they are messy and they leave behind aspen shavings that are well known for clogging pumps and water distribution tubes. So using Aspen pads can require some regular maintenance to keep your cooler working well all season.

Green paper honeycomb pads

Aspen Swamp Cooler Pads

Cell Deck Mastercool Swamp Cooler Pads

Another popular type of pad is the green paper honeycomb pads that typically come in a roll and can be cut to size, or you can purchase them cut to size at any home improvement store. A plus to these types of pads is that they are available with hypoallergenic filters attached to them as an option. These pads do not leave the mess behind throughout the season but do not have the same cooling capacity that Aspen pads have. The green paper honeycomb pads are a moderate pad with moderate results; sometimes these pads will bunch up on the panel and have dry spots if the pad doesn’t remain completely flat on the cooler panels. Any other pad options weren’t worth mentioning for that very reason.

Mastercool Swamp Cooler Pads

High-efficiency swamp coolers and Mastercool (single inlet) swamp coolers are an upgrade worth the investment if you are truly looking for optimum performance out of an evaporative cooler. These type of coolers use Cell Deck media, which is the very best type of pad you can.

Where to buy swamp cooler pads

You can purchase swamp cooler pads at any home improvement store. If you have a professional perform your swamp cooler start-up and maintenance they usually carry pads with them. However, if you would like a specific type, like aspen pads make sure to ask them before they come out to your home.

Interested in Converting to Refrigerated Air?

Converting a swamp cooler to refrigerated air is a common home upgrade in New Mexico.  TLC technicians can help you install a refrigerated air conditioning unit and forget about swamp cooler pads all together!