Heater Spotlight: Boost Efficiency with Radiant Heat

Heater Spotlight: Boost Efficiency with Radiant Heat Posted by on December 9, 2013 in Energy Efficiency, Heating, radiant heat

Let’s be honest – waking up is a little harder in the winter time. Snuggly wrapped up in your blankets, many of us hit the snooze to soak up a few more minutes of warmth before standing up on the cold floor. But, what if your floor was just as cozy as your bed? What if your toes didn’t turn to icicles before you started the coffee?

Radiant heating is one of the most comfortable heating systems on the market for new homes. Installed underneath the floor, it heats from the ground up. Quiet and energy-efficient, it’s a wonderful heating option to consider if you’re building a home.

A Little Bit of History

Radiant heating is installed in the subfloor, which is the floor below your floor. It’s not a new idea, in fact, it’s been around for centuries. The Roman baths raised their floors on pillars and would heat the tile and stone with hot air from a furnace.

Another source of inspiration for radiant heating is the masonry heater, which warms objects in the room instead of directly heating the air.

Electric Vs. Hydronic

Radiant heating systems are either electric or hydronic. Electric systems use heating pads that are installed over the subfloor or even in the joist bays (so you don’t have to pull up your flooring). Electric heating uses insulation to localize the heating in the floor, rather than into the subfloor and ground.

Hydronic heating uses water instead of electricity. Much like an instant hot water system, special tubing is usually fitted under subflooring. Hydronic radiant heat is the most popular type of radiant heat because any type of flooring can be installed above it, including wood, laminate, and carpeting.

Climate Control with Lower Energy Costs

Once installed, a radiant heat system can provide years of lasting comfort throughout your home. They do not rely on a radiator, nor do they require yearly shut downs and start ups. Especially with hydronic heat, there are virtually no risks of fire danger.

Hydronic heating is a highly efficient system because it recycles water and works with your body’s natural processes to provide warmth. They sustain heat at a lower temperature because of this, too. Even in socks, your forced-air furnaces normal temps would feel a little overwhelming for most people. A hydronic system can provide comfortable heat at lower temps, which means less money on your heating bill.

Installation and Repair

Because they don’t run as hard and as hot as furnaces, hydronic heating systems require less repair. Installation costs depend on the age of your home, so it’s a good idea to get a professional to provide a detailed, in-home estimate. Installation is easier and less expensive for newly built homes.

Radiant floors are truly a worthy investment in your comfort and can significantly lower your energy costs. A trusted heating installer since 1987, TLC Plumbing can install a radiant heat system in your new home that will provide comfortable heat for your family for years to come.

So say goodbye to those cold toes! Contact us today to set up your free estimate.


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