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Living with hard water takes a toll on your dishware, fixtures & faucets, your plumbing, and even your skin. Leave the fuss of hard water residue and mineral buildup behind with water treatment solutions from TLC Plumbing. With customized solutions, our water treatment experts can help you find the perfect water softener for your needs and budget.

There is nothing like having the highest quality water in your home. With clean, soft water, you eliminate common water problems in your home.  Your skin and hair are cleaner and softer. Your laundry comes out brighter and you never have to worry about battling soap scum and scale buildup.

TLC Plumbing provides a variety of tech-savvy water softeners for your home plumbing. Our Kinetico models are designed to keep your family’s water comfortable and clean. Kinetico water softeners have received several Consumer Digest Best Buy awards and are NSF certified, so you can have the peace of mind that you’re using a reliable water treatment product.

How A Water Softener Works

Kinetico Premier Water Softeners

Kinetico water softeners offer superior service in even the most challenging water conditions. You can rest assured that a Kinetico system will provide your family with clean, soft water on demand. Whatever your water problem our water treatment experts can work with you solve your water problems.

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The Kinetico Difference

Kinetico’s water softeners offer you high flow rates throughout your house, savings on regenerant and water while meeting your family’s water needs. It’s no wonder that the highest quality water comes from the highest quality water treatment system.


Superior Performance

Kinetico softeners remove more impurities and perform better overall than any other. Kinetico softeners have been voted Best in Class by Consumer Reports. Kinetico water systems have been improving water for over 40 years. With superior performance you can feel confident in knowing you’ll have clean, pure water for years and years to come.


Low Maintenance

Kinetico’s Premier Series are powered by the kinetic flow of water. Why does that matter? Because Kinetico systems are not powered by electricity there is little maintenance involved. There are no computers, timers or electrical components to repair or replace. The system works on demand by metering water usage in your home and regenerates based on actual usage. No wasted, water or salt, but you’ll always have clean soft water when you need it.



Kinetico systems are built to last. Plus Kinetico systems are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.  The Premier softener has 10-year warranty that is transferable. Kinetico systems have also been certified by independent water quality organizations.Plus as the local authorized dealer TLC you can feel confident that TLC will stand behind our Kinetico systems for years to come.


Customized Solutions

Our water experts will work with you to customize your water system to solve your water problems. Whether you have city water or a private well, TLC’s water treatment team can provide you with clean, pure water in your home.  Our systems allow for customized filters to remove all types of contaminants including:

  • Chlorine
  • Iron/Manganese
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Low pH


Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Today more and more people are concerned with the quality of their drinking water. Kinetico Water Systems offers solutions to treat all the water in your home including your drinking water. With Kinetico, you can get clean, pure, great tasting water straight from your tap.

Eliminate Your Water Problems

Kinetico Water Softeners have the unique ability to be customized to solve your water problems and concerns.  Our softeners can eliminate contaminants from your water supply to ensure you have clean, pure, soft, water throughout your home.

hard-water-problems-rocksHard Water Problems

Kinetico water softeners eliminate hard water minerals from your water. You don’t have to worry about scale buildup in pipes, faucets, fixtures, and stains anymore.


Chlorine is a common concern among homeowners. Sometimes you can even smell the chlorine coming out of the faucet.  Kinetico’s declorinator can be added to our water softeners to remove any chlorine from your water supply throughout your home.


A rotten egg smell can mean you have hydrogen sulfide in your water. At high concentrations it can leave food and beverages with an unpleasant taste. It can also leave odors on hair and clothes. Kinetico’s SulfurGuard eliminates sulfide from your water.

water-stainsWater Stains

Iron or manganese in your water supply causes stains on your sinks and fixtures. They sometimes can even leave an unpleasant taste to your water. Kinetico’s Specialty water filters can remove Iron, manganese and other metals that may be present in your water.

Kinetico Specialty Water Filters


Kinetico Chlorine Water Filter

When added to your Kinetico Water Softener the Dechlorinator removes chlorine from your city or well water before it enters your home. This eliminates chlorine from your entire house, eliminating taste and odor problems. It also protects your water softener from the harsh effects of chlorine. The Dechlorinator is customized to fit your Kinetico softener.


Kinetico Sulfur Water Filter

Kinetico’s SulfurGuard is installed where your water supply enters your home and its filtration system removes hydrogen sulfide gas from your water, leaving your water odor-free throughout your home. The SulfurGuard water filter is customized to fit the size and needs of your home.

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