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Hard Water Solutions

Hard water affects your water throughout your home

What exactly is hard water? Hard water is water that contains dissolved rock, typically limestone or dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron.  Most homes in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico have hard water.  Whether you have a private well or city water supply you likely still have hard water.  Water hardness varies across the city and throughout the state, based on the amount of calcium and magnesium present in the water supply. A simple test strip can show you how hard your water is.  Most of the time homeowners don’t realize they have hard water or the harm it is doing to their plumbing & appliances.  Over time you can see the effects of hard water in various ways, like difficulty cleaning, reduced water flow from faucets & fixtures and decreased effectiveness or failure from your appliances.

While hard water is not dangerous to your health, it can cause costly plumbing problems as hard water scale builds up in pipes and appliances in your home or business. When you have hard water you may not even see the problems until you experience issues with your plumbing or water using appliances, usually your water heater or your dishwasher.

The US Geological survey estimates that 85% of households in America have hard water.

Hard Water Problems In The Home

Clean water that is free of impurities is essential to our quality of life. Hard water can make drinking water taste unpleasant, and can also shorten the life of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. The good news is that there is a solution to your hard water problems, with a water softener. TLC is your local exclusive Kinetico Water Systems dealer, and our experts can help you find solutions to your water problems, for your home or your business in Albuquerque.


Plumbing Problems

Hard water may seem like just a cleaning problem. But scale build-up can clog pipes, reducing water flow leading to backups and possibly costly plumbing repairs.


Water-Using Appliances

Hard water damages the inside of your appliances and cuts their life by up to 50%. From water heaters to dishwashers, even your swamp cooler can become a victim of hard water.


Scale Build-Up

Hard water causes visible stains on your fixtures, faucets, shower doors, and sometimes countertops too.  This build-up can reduce the water flow through fixtures and faucets and become extremely difficult to remove the scale build-up


Albuquerque’s Hard Water Problem

Most homes in New Mexico have hard water. On average about 95% of homes in New Mexico have hard water. Many homeowners just live with hard water, but you don’t have to. See a map of hard water averages throughout the city.

Hard Water Problems & Swamp Coolers

Because swamp coolers use water they are prone to hard water buildup. It is essential to thoroughly clean or have a professional maintain your swamp cooler to ensure that hard water buildup is removed and cleaned prior to each season. As many homeowners have learned hard water buildup can inhibit water flow and reduce the effectiveness of a swamp cooler. A water softener can eliminate hard water problems throughout your home.

Best Hard Water Solutions with Kinetico Water Softeners in Albuquerque

The best way to fix hard water is with a water softener. TLC is the exclusive local dealer for Kinetico water softener systems. Kinetico systems are designed to reduce hard water scale build-up throughout your home and eliminate your water problems.

The benefits of soft water? Studies show that soft water allows your faucets and appliances to work better. Soft water extends the life of your plumbing and water-using appliances. Water heaters, dishwashers and other appliances in your home will last longer with soft water.