FAQs: Water Heaters

Why Do I Have No Hot Water?

Why do I have no hot water?

One the most common emergency calls we get is when people have no hot water. You never think about your hot water heater until you have no hot water. The only thing we really recommend when it comes to troubleshooting is to check the pilot beyond anything else you should call a professional to evaluate and repair.

Gas water heater with no hot water

Gas water heaters are more common in New Mexico than electric. You likely have a gas water heater in your home. If you feel comfortable checking and relighting the pilot in your water heater you can first check to see if the pilot is lit, and relight it if you are comfortable doing so. However, if you relight it and it doesn’t stay lit or you continue to experience problems it is time to call a gas water heater repair professional.

Electric water heater with no hot water

While electric water heaters are not very common in our area, it is possible to have an electric unit. If you have an electric water heater you should check to see if you have power to the unit. If not check to see if the breaker is tripped. If you have power you should call a professional to evaluate further, it could be an internal problem in the water heater.

Tankless water heater with no hot water

If your tankless water heater is not providing any hot water there is likely something internally not triggering the burners on to heat the water. There are several mechanical parts in the unit and when it is not working it will provide an error code to troubleshoot the problem.

If you feel comfortable you can contact the manufacturer to see if they will give you the reason for the error code. However, many manufacturers will only give the troubleshooting code info to a licensed plumber. Regardless you will need to have a professional evaluate and repair the unit.