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Hot water is essential to your home. Its something we take for granted until we don’t have it. There are a few reasons that can cause you to have no hot water and they all involve your water heater. Unfortunately because many water heaters are gas or electric you usually need to call an experienced plumber to help find and repair your water heater problem. When you have a problem with your water heater you need help fast. TLC Plumbing has been serving the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe area for over 30 years. TLC has many experienced technicians available to repair all types of water heaters. Whatever your water heater problem, you can turn to TLC for fast reliable service to your water heater problem anytime, day or night. Because we know that hot water problems happen when you least expect them our plumbers are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Why is my water heater not working?

Below are some common water heater problems we see ranging from no hot water to smells or leaks in your water heater. Usually you need help quickly to repair or replace your water heater. Fortunately TLC has more plumbers than any other company and can respond quickly to your water heater problem.

No Hot Water

One of the most frequent complaints we get from customers is they wake up to shower and there is no hot water. There are a few reasons you may not have hot water. They range from thermocouple problems, to water heater replacements. Our water heater experts are here to solve your hot water problems. You can explore our FAQS fro additional information regarding this problem.

Water Heater Leaking

If your water heater is leaking you need to call a professional plumber to evaluate the leak as soon as possible. If there is a lot of water you should shut of the water to your home. You should turn off the gas or power if electric and call a licensed plumber near you to repair as soon as possible. TLC offers 24 hour emergency response for these types of problems and we have water heaters in stock to replace if necessary, even on a weekend. A water heater can leak from the bottom or from the top valve. You can learn more about water heater leaks in our frequently asked questions.

Water Heater Smells

There are a few reasons that would cause a water heater to have an odor. The first would be a common complaint we get when people that have a rotten egg smell. This is caused by the interaction by the breakdown of the anode rod within the tank. This is usually an indication that you need to have the anode rod replaced. Learn more about fixing a smelly water heater.

Water Heater Making Loud Noises

If you hear loud noises in your water heater it may be a sign you may need to replace your water heater sooner rather than later. The most common cause for the noise is sediment build up within the tank that settles at the bottom. As it builds up over time it will pop and crackle as the water heater tries to heat water. Overtime it becomes more difficult to adequately heat the water and you have to replace the unit.

Water Is Too Hot

There are a few reasons that cause the water to be too hot coming out of your faucets. If you have a gas water heater you should be able to adjust the temperature on the knob on the front of the water heater. If you turn the temperature down and the water is still hot the gas control valve is either not adjusted properly or not sensing the water temperature accurately. If you are still having problems after turning down the thermostat its time to call a licensed plumber to evaluate and repair.

When to Call a Plumber

While your water heater doesn’t have that many moving parts we really don’t recommend you attempt to troubleshoot your water heater on your own. The only troubleshooting our professionals recommend doing on your own would be any of the following and only if you feel comfortable checking these items:

  • Check if your pilot light is on. If you feel comfortable you can relight the pilot light. However if you notice that you still don’t get hot water after lighting the pilot you need to call a licensed plumber to diagnose and repair.
  • Adjust the temperature on your water heater. If you notice that you’re not getting hot water you can check and adjust the water temperature on your water heater. However, if you’ve already adjusted it and the water is still not heating you need to call a professional. Also, be careful not to turn it too high because you scald yourself or your family members.

Water Heater Hazards

Remember your water heater is likely a gas water heater in most cases throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe. We don’t have too many electric water heaters as a primary water heating source in most homes. Gas appliances can be very dangerous if you attempt to troubleshoot or tinker with yourself. We do not recommend you do anything other than adjust the temperature or relight the pilot if you have a standing pilot on your own. Potential hazards you should be aware of include:

  • Do not store flammable items near or around water heater.
  • Do not turn your thermostat to the highest temperature you can scald yourself if you set it too high.
  • Be aware of signs of thermal expansion. If you notice any areas of the tank bulging or distorted you should call a licensed professional immediately and the tank will need to be replaced. Thermal expansion creates dangerously high water pressure and the water heater needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Be aware of temperature and pressure valve failures. These are safety features that designed to prevent pressure from building within the tank. They should be inspected and tested annually by a qualified plumber. If these valves fail it could also lead to pressure building within the tank and can lead to the water heater exploding.
  • If you smell gas around the unit you should call a licensed plumbing company to evaluate immediately or call the gas company immediately. Make sure to open windows and doors and evacuate immediately until the gas company or a professional plumber can get there to assess the leak.
  • If your water heater is leaking water at the base or anywhere this can be a potential hazard. If the tank is full it will leak out and could cause potential water damage to your home. You need to call a professional right away to evaluate the leak.

Hot Water Heaters Types we Repair

Gas Water Heater Repair

TLC Plumbers are licensed and trained to repair all makes and models of Gas Water Heaters.

Electric Water Heater Repair

Our Licensed Plumbers are trained and experienced in the repair of all makes and models of electric water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

TLC technicians are licensed and stay current on all the technology advancements with tankless water heaters.

Water heater repair vs. replacement

No one ever wants to wake up in the morning and say “I sure hope that I don’t have any hot water for a shower and have to call a plumber.” Sometimes it is a simple fix and sometimes it requires replacing the unit. Typically in most cases there are only a few items that can be repaired but other issues that arise unexpectedly require replacement. We’ve outlined these common issues below so you can feel confident in our recommendations:

No hot water – This is a common issue we see every day. If the thermocouple needs to be replaced it can usually just be repaired in most cases. If this isn’t the source of the problem then it may be time to replace the unit.

Water heater leaking – If the water heater is leaking it typically cannot be repaired and the tank will have to be replaced.

Water heater smells – in most cases it is just as cost effective to replace the tank as it is to have a professional attempt to remove the bacteria and clean the inside of the tank. Also, sometimes when the bacteria is removed the smell can still last.

Water heater that is older than 10 years old – if you begin to hear popping noises and your water heater is older than 10 years old its probably time to consider replacing the unit. If you can be proactive you and avoid being left with no hot water or a water heater leaking and in need of emergency replacement. These situations can be very frustrating and costly. Plan ahead if you know you need to think about replacing your water heater. You can save yourself some headaches and money in the long run.

Check out “When to Replace Your Water Heater” for more detailed information.

We know we are a service that no one ever wants to use, but when you have a problem with your water heater you can trust TLC to provide you with 24-hour emergency service. We know these problems can be frustrating but necessary to resolve quickly. Our experts are here for you to guide you through this process and quickly and easily as possible so you can get back to your life.

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