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Fixing Leaky, Running, & Clogged Toilets

TLC is your bathroom plumbing experts from leaky faucets to toilet repairs and replacements we have you covered. When you have a problem with your toilet you definitely need fast service. TLC’s experienced plumbers are equipped to handle all of your toilet problems and repairs. With the fastest response in town you can always count on TLC to take care of you when you need us most.

Most Common Toilet Problems

There are a few common toilet repairs we see quite often and are very familiar with repairing these problems quickly and efficiently so you have as little disruption as possible.

Toilet Clogs

For those clogs you can’t get cleared yourself, TLC is here to help.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are very common the older they get, turn to TLC to repair quickly.

Toilet Running

A running toilet that won’t stop wastes a lot of water, see common causes below.

Old Toilet Flappers can cause a Running or leaky toilet

Flappers decay over time and shrivel up not creating a seal in the tank causing the toilet to run constantly or water to continuously leak from the tank into the bowl. Check out our toilet leak and flapper replacement videos for more info.

Water Conserving Toilets

Low flow toilets have been around for several years and are very common in most homes today. However, new dual flush toilets offer even more saving options. If you’re thinking about replacing those old toilets and want to save water TLC can replace any of your toilets with a low flow or dual flush toilets.

TLC’s Plumbers do not recommend attempting to remove a toilet on your own. Ceramic toilets are very delicate and can easily get a hairline fracture if not set properly, causing a leak.

Plumbing Service you can count on

At TLC Plumbing, we stand behind our work 100%. Whatever your toilet repair problems are turn to the experts at TLC. When it’s service you need…it’s gotta be TLC. With a commitment to core values and quality work, TLC Plumbing is the most trusted plumbers in New Mexico. Contact us today to speak with a member of our company!