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When it comes to choosing a new furnace for your home you may be wondering where to start. Some homeowners may be familiar with the Carrier name if you have researched and explored heating and air conditioning systems before. They are a respectable company that has been manufacturing HVAC equipment for over 100 years.

Carrier has continued to improve and evolve their heating and cooling equipment to meet the needs of consumers. They offer a wide range of furnace models to meet your home’s needs. As technology continues to allow for energy efficiency improvements Carrier has continued to develop more and more efficient models. TLC’s expert HVAC technicians take continuing education classes to stay up-do-date with all the new options in heating and cooling equipment.

TLC is your local Carrier dealer that repairs, installs and maintains all types of Carrier heating and air conditioning equipment. TLC is committed to providing you a wide range of options when it comes to HVAC equipment for your home, that’s why we repair and service all makes and models. You can count on TLC to make a recommendation that is going to be best for you and your family.

Why Buy a Carrier Furnace?

Heating Capacity That Fits Your Needs

Carrier’s wide range of furnace options to match the heating needs of your home. From single stage 80% AFUE furnaces to two-stage and multi-stage units available in their Comfort, Performance & Infinity Series

Consistent Comfort & Ventilation

Furnaces models to enhance your comfort and temperature control with options like Comfort Heat Technology, Smart Evap, and ComfortFan available in many of the furnaces available for your home. Ask our technicians more about these available features.

Quiet Operation

Carrier furnaces are designed for quiet comfort. The QuieTech noise reduction system is Carrier’s patented combustion system provides comfortable heat while generating very little sound in the process.

Hybrid Heat Models

Just like new Hybrid vehicle options, Carrier brings you an option to maximize energy efficiency with their intelligent Hybrid Heat dual fuel system. The system gauges the outside air temperature and then selects the fuel source that’s most cost-efficient for the conditions. Available on select models.


Greenspeed Technology

Available on Infinity 98% furnaces can run at 40% capacity to 100% capacity and anywhere in-between with the variable and modulating speed abilities for maximum efficiency.



TLC’s HVAC technicans are licensed & experienced in repairing, maintaining & installing all makes and models of Carrier furnaces. TLC’s experts are available 24 hours a day for Carrier furnace repairs in Albuquerque.  Some of the models we see are:

  • 58STA
  • 58DLA
  • 59SC2
  • 59SC5
  • 58PHB
  • 58PHA
  • 58CTW
  • 59SP2
  • 59TP6
  • 59TN6
  • 58CVA

Best Carrier Furnaces



Comfort Furnace Series

  • Single Stage Operation
  • 80% – 95% AFUE Options



Performance Furnace Series

  • Two-stage Operation
  • 80%-96% AFUE Options
  • SmartEvap Options in this Series



Infinity Furnace Series

  • Variable Speed Operation
  • 80% – 98% AFUE Options
  • Hybrid Heat & Greenspeed Options

Expert Carrier Furnace Repair & Maintenance

TLC has been servicing Carrier furnaces for several years throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe.  You can count on TLC for expert quality service when it comes to your Carrier product.  TLC also works directly with the local Carrier supplier so we can easily get parts and equipment for any repairs or replacements you may need.  Because of this relationship we can usually make warranty needs a smooth and easy process.