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Your home comfort is something we always take for granted. If you’re hot you turn the air conditioning on and in if you’re cold you turn up the heat in your home. Its not always that simple but the point is we rely on our home’s heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable, until it doesn’t. Just as we rely on our heating systems to keep up warm, they rely on regular furnace maintenance to keep running.

Often times its on the coldest day when your furnace has been running non stop until it just doesn’t anymore. Leaving you scratching your head as to why its not working. That is not the time to start thinking about maintenance, that’s when you just need it fixed and working fast.

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Get comfort and peace of mind with Annual Furnace Maintenance

Let me make this a more realistic connection – your car is something you rely right? You rely on your vehicle to take you from point A to point B, work, school, etc… If you’ve owned a vehicle or a couple over the years you know that it also requires maintenance to operate properly, avoid unexpected repairs and most importantly not to leave you stranded maybe even out in the cold. All of these can happen to your heating system as well. If you don’t take care of it properly it will leave you in the cold one day.

The Value of Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Ok so now you know how important maintenance is to your furnace and your comfort. So what do you do?

Change Your Filter

The most important thing every homeowner should do is change their furnace filters at least once a season.

Check Your Thermostat

Change the batteries if you have a programmable thermostat. Sometimes thermostats will go out and it is just the batteries.

Get a Furnace Inspection

You should have a professional HVAC technician perform an annual furnace inspection prior to the start of each winter.

gas-furnace-maintenanceGas Furnace Maintenance & Safety

Most homes in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho have gas furnace systems. While many Santa Fe homes have other heating sources or have propane furnaces. Other areas like Edgewood, Placitas can also have propane. It is very important to get your gas furnace inspected annually to ensure that your furnace isn’t emitted carbon monoxide and its safe to operate.

While some websites give you DIY tips for furnace maintenance and cleaning we do not recommend you perform your own furnace maintenance beyond changing your filters for safety reasons.

The Downfall from lack of maintenance

Below are common problems we see from lack of regular furnace maintenance.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

If you’re furnace and filters are clogged they are restricting airflow which means your furnace is running a lot longer to reach the desired temperature and comfort, which equates to higher energy costs.

Increase In Unexpected Repairs

The most common type of furnace repairs we see is from lack of maintenance. Many of the problems we see happen because the furnace isn’t properly maintained each year.

How to change a furnace filter