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Your home comfort is something we always take for granted. If you’re hot you turn the air conditioning on and in if you’re cold you turn up the heat in your home. Its not always that simple but the point is we rely on our home’s heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable, until it doesn’t. Just as we rely on our heating systems to keep up warm, those systems rely on regular furnace maintenance to keep up with your heating needs.

Often times its on the coldest day when your furnace has been running non stop until it just doesn’t anymore. Leaving you scratching your head as to why its not working. That is not the time to start thinking about maintenance, that’s when you just need it fixed and working fast.

Get Comfort and Peace of Mind with Regular Furnace Maintenance

TLC’s furnace experts are ready to inspect and maintain your furnace to give you comfort and peace of mind this winter. Click below to schedule a maintenance appointment or ask our professionals any questions you may have regarding furnace maintenance.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

So we’ve told you how important furnace maintenance is but lets breakdown the real benefit of furnace maintenance and the must-dos for furnace maintenance to keep you from getting left out in the cold.

Let’s make this a more realistic connection – your car is something you rely right? You rely on your vehicle to take you from point A to point B, work, school, etc… If you’ve owned a vehicle or a couple over the years you know that it also requires maintenance to operate properly, avoid unexpected repairs and most importantly not to leave you stranded maybe even out in the cold. All of these can happen to your heating system as well. If you don’t take care of it properly it will leave you in the cold one day.

Clogged/Dirty Furnace Filters

We talk about how important it is to clean or replace your furnace filters each year and how dirty filters cause unexpected heating failures and repairs but what actually happens if you don’t clean or replace your filters. If your filter is clogged the air flow output is reduced. So your furnace’s air handler that pushes the warm air out will run longer and harder to reach the desired temperature. Over time if the airflow continues to be reduced over time the furnace will start cycling on and off because it cannot maintain the desired temperature under these conditions. To give you an idea of what that may be like a furnace with a dirty filter is like a runner trying to run at pace while breathing through a straw. It would be very difficult for the runner to maintain that pace and speed in those conditions.

How often do I need to maintain my furnace?

You should have a professional HVAC company perform an annual furnace inspection prior to the start of each winter. Inspections are very important to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home as it gets colder outside. A furnace inspection will give you the peace of mind and comfort that your family will be safe and warm this winter. As part of the inspection process a licensed heating and cooling company should clean and inspect the furnace prior to starting it up and perform a carbon monoxide test.

It is very important for the furnace to be cleaned to prevent problems. For example a there is a flame sensor rod that if it gets dirty and dusty will prevent your furnace from igniting or it may cycle on and off continuously as a safety precaution. This is something that an HVAC repairman would ensure that it is cleaned prior to starting the furnace for the season. This is just one example of something that happens with just normal wear and tear and can be addressed during the inspection. TLC also offers a preventive maintenance program for your home to ensure your heating and cooling system as well as your plumbing systems are all running properly so you can get peace of mind. Each homeowner can customize their needs and concerns.

Check Your Thermostat

Change the batteries in you have a programmable thermostat. We sometimes get calls with customers that think their furnace isn’t working. But sometimes it is just that the batteries have died. You can save yourself an unnecessary service call if you check this first if you’re having problems. You can also find furnace troubleshooting tips on our furnace repair page.

Get Comfort & Peace of Mind

Our preventive maintenance program protects your home’s plumbing, heating & cooling systems. Giving you comfort year-round and peace of mind.

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What is included in furnace maintenance?

You may be asking yourself what is included in furnace maintenance? How often do you need to maintain your furnace? Typically once a year an annual inspection by a trusted Heating and Cooling company is recommended by heating professionals and manufacturers. In fact many furnace warranties by the manufacturer require you to get regular maintenance to keep your warranty. If you have just replaced your furnace you know that most warranties can be up to 10 years plus and given the investment you may have just made you want to ensure you have that warranty for years to come.

Furnace Maintenance Checklist

TLC’s heating professionals perform the following maintenance as part of the annual inspection.

  • Inspect internal elements – check electrical wiring and components for excessive heat and debris that may cause the furnace to not function properly.
  • Inspect the heat exchanger – The heat exchanger is where the heat is generated. If it is not working properly your home won’t be able to reach the desired temperature.
  • Test and inspect the capacitor – The capacitor controls the blower and if it is not working properly the furnace will not be able to reach the desired temperature.
  • Inspect the burners – The technician will check the burners to ensure that they are firing properly. The only way to inspect the burners is with the unit open which only a licensed professional should inspect.
  • Inspect flame sensor – The flame sensor is a safety feature that gas fur naces have. If dust and debris builds up on the flame sensor which can happen with our desert environment the furnace will not start and will just cycle on and off.
  • Inspect and clean air filter – Like we mentioned a clean filter is essential to maintaining comfortable temperatures in winter. Our technicians will inspect and clean the furnace filter prior to starting it up.
  • Inspect ignition system – Most furnaces that are under 20 years old don’t have a standing pilot anymore. So you don’t light the pilot like older furnaces but rather there is an ignition system that ignites the pilot automatically. Our heating experts will ensure that the ignition system is operating


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