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TLC is your local heating expert when it comes time to replace your existing furnace. Our team of technicians are experienced in installing various types of gas furnaces.  Turn to TLC for advice on a furnace system that will meet your comfort needs and budget.

TLC’s HVAC team will guide you through the process of finding a furnace that meets your needs and will ensure that the unit is installed correctly and functioning properly. We will have the installation inspected by the City as a third-party verification of proper installation. Your TLC technician will show you how to use the furnace to maximize your energy efficiency and where to change your filters. They will explain the warranty provided by TLC and the manufacturer and how the preventive maintenance service works. You’ll feel confident in knowing that TLC will stand behind our work and be here for you should you have a problem with your furnace.

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Types of Heating System Installations

TLC’s HVAC team are qualified to install and replace all types of furnaces and heating systems. So whatever HVAC system your home has you can feel confident in choosing TLC for your installation & replacement needs.

Gas Furnaces

We have many options when it comes to replacing your furnace, including many high-efficiency systems.

Radiant Floor Heating

TLC’s expert technicians can replace radiant floor heating systems and install new radiant heating in your home.

Wall Furnaces

Many New Mexico homes still have wall furnaces, TLC can replace or convert your existing wall furnace.

Baseboard Heaters

Our technicians can replace your existing baseboard heaters or add new baseboard heaters in your home.

Floor Furnaces

A floor furnace can be replaced or converted into a standard gas furnace since there is likely a crawl space under the home.

Heat Pumps

Do you have ductless mini split systems in your home? We are qualified to replace and install these types of heating and cooling systems.


How do you know when its time to replace your furnace?

The average life of a gas furnace can range between 16-20 years. If your furnace is more than 16 years old you should keep an eye out for warning signs that your furnace is starting to fail. Keep an eye out for these signs that may indicate its time to replace your furnace.

Prepping your new furnace for refrigerated air 

Are you considering converting to refrigerated air in the future but not right now? Did you know you can prep your new furnace for the conversion? If you’re already leaning towards converting to refrigerated air then we recommend adding the evaporative coil.

The evaporator goes on top of the furnace and installing it later will require you to completely remove the furnace and re-install it. So basically you would be paying to do the same job twice.

Also, the furnace blower is the main blower for the whole heating and cooling system, you want to make sure its the right size for the cooling system.  Your TLC HVAC technician can help you with this process.

If you are interested, Your TLC HVAC professional will discuss the following with you:

  • Sizing your Furnace accordingly to accommodate air conditioning. The furnace blower is the main blower for both heating and cooling. So size will  need to be adjusted for the ac addition.
  • Installing an evaporative coil during the furnace installation.

These steps will save you on labor costs if you’re planning to convert to AC in the next season.