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Some homeowners may not know their radiant heat system is likely controlled by a hot water boiler, not a furnace. The boiler heats the water that flows through the tubing in a radiant floor heating or baseboard heaters. It is recommended that you get your boiler inspected once a year prior to winter to keep your boiler running smoothly and keep your family warm and comfortable all winter. TLC technicians are qualified to repair and maintain all boiler systems including commercial boilers. TLC is always available with 24-hour emergency service you can always count on TLC to be here for you.

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Boiler Maintenance

TLC recommends doing an annual boiler inspection to check the gas valve as well as the pressure and temperature gauges for the boiler. We will also inspect the zone valves and ensure they aren’t sticking and are opening completely. If the zone valves aren’t opening completely you’ll get hot and cold spots in your home.

Temperature Control

TLC recommends that you keep your boiler temperature set between 130-140 degrees for floor radiant heat. Do not exceed 140 degrees because you can damage the concrete that the coils are contained in. Boilers for baseboard heaters should be kept between 180-200 degrees and should not exceed 200 degrees.

Boiler Tips

TLC recommends you get a professional to inspect your boiler prior to each winter to perform regular maintenance on your boiler system. Here are some things you should know about your boiler.

Boiler Inspection

It is always a good idea to get your boiler inspected and started up by a professional prior to each winter. A professional will thoroughly inspect the system which may help you avoid hot & cold spots and possibly prevent any leaks in the radiant heat system.

Hard Water Build-Up

If you have hard water you should invest in a water softener to keep your boiler from developing mineral build-up which decreases the efficiency of the boiler.

Boiler Upgrades

Just like furnaces, boilers continue to become more energy efficient over the years. TLC technicians stay current on all the latest boiler upgrades & technology.

24-Hour Boiler Repair Service – Albuquerque & Santa Fe

TLC’s technicians are trained & experienced to handle all types of boiler systems and repairs. When you have a problem with your boiler system turn to TLC for expert service you can count on in Albuquerque & Santa Fe.

Stay Warm with Quality Boiler Repair & Service

Is your heating system ready for the winter? TLC Plumbing performs boiler inspections and can help you optimize your heating system, no matter what time of year. Contact us today to schedule an inspection with a qualified, licensed technician!

If you have a boiler, you know that it’s one of the most important utilities in your home in the winter months. TLC Plumbing is here for you when you need boiler repair and service in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. With over 25 years of dependable service to New Mexico homes and businesses, you can count on us to keep your boiler running during the winter months.