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How do I know if my sewer line is backed up?

All of your drains in your home, from your toilets, sinks, tubs and showers all drain into one main drain under your home then exit into the sewer or septic system from your home. When you experience clogs in multiple drains at once in your home, then that usually means that your main sewer line is backing up. This can happen in multiple locations and any combination of drains. For example, water may fill up in your bathtub when you run your washing machine. There are several combinations of this type of backup. The point is your drains all connect, and once you have a backup in your main sewer line, you’ll experience backup and overflowing from multiple drain lines in your home.

Unfortunately, these type of clogs and backups typically happen suddenly and can be quite messy and unpleasant. However, TLC is always available for all of your drain problems, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. TLC’s Drain Specialists are ready when you need us.

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Common Causes of Sewer Line Backups

There are a few main causes we see frequently with sewer line backups.


Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of a main line backup and one of the most common issues we see. Even if trees are far away from your home they can still damage your drain line.


When grease solidifies it sticks to the pipe and inhibits water flow eventually causing a backup. This added with other debris in your drain can cause a major backup.

Drain Line Break

Many drain problems are caused by integrity issues of your sewer line. The good news is TLC’s techs can camera the line and identify and repair any breaks in the sewer line.

How to clear a main sewer line clog

So now that you know you have a backup in your main line, how do you clear it? Unfortunately, main line clogs are not something a homeowner can fix. This type of clog requires a professional plumber or drain technician to utilize a drain cleaning machine to locate the clog and get it cleared. TLC can utilize a camera to see down into the drain line and locate the clog or break in the line. All TLC’s Drain Cleaning Professionals are equipped with this type of camera to identify and repair the drain problem. This type of camera is especially useful in locating a problem if you have a long sewer line from your house to the sewer system or septic system.

Why drain cleanouts are so important

Drain cleanouts provide an entry point into your home’s drainage system so clogs can be removed. They are usually white pipes located outside your home but can be other colors. Cleanouts allow easy access into your drain system so when you have a problem a technician can get the rooter machine into the line to clear the clog or camera the line.

Drain Cleaning With Cleanouts

Professional drain cleaning with cleanouts is much more effective at removing clogs. Many homes have drain cleanouts, however, we encounter older homes without cleanouts. A professional plumber can add cleanouts to your home if you are having drain problems.

Drain Cleaning Without Cleanouts

A drain professional will need to access the drain line from the roof vents or pull out a toilet. This is usually more labor intensive and may require additional costs. This is also not as effective because the drain machine loses torque the further you are away from the blockage.

What is a drain cleanout?

How To Prevent Mainline Sewer Backups

Main line backups usually happen suddenly, but there are some things to do to prevent issues like these from happening. However, many people don’t think about these things until they’ve experienced a backup.

Maintain Older Homes

Maintain Older Homes

Older homes tend to have cast iron plumbing that becomes pitted over time and disrupts drain flow. Proper maintenance is key.

Root Treatment

Root Treatment

There are a few ways to treat roots, our drain specialists can discuss some of these options with you to keep root intrusion from destroying your pipes.

Use An Enzyme Cleaner

Use An Enzyme Cleaner

If you already have problems with your drains take a proactive approach by using an enzyme cleaner like Lenzyme to keep your drains clear.

Watch Your Garbage Disposal

Watch Your Garbage Disposal

Minimize the amount of food you put down your garbage disposal and avoid putting foods that will easily get caught in the disposal.

Don't Pour Grease Down The Drain

Don't Pour Grease Down The Drain

You should avoid throwing grease down your drain at all costs. While its liquid when its hot, as it cools it solidifies in your drains.

Keep Drains Clear From Hair

Keep Drains Clear From Hair

Hair clumps wreak havoc on your bathroom drains, combined with soap buildup and you have a gunky mess. Use a hair catcher help keep hair out of your drains.

24-Hour Response for Sewer Drain Cleaning in Albuquerque & Santa Fe

When you have a main sewer line problem you need help fast. Odds are many or all of your drains are backing up into your home or business and that means you can’t use your plumbing. These type of situations require immediate service to get your sewer line cleaned out. Turn to TLC’s expert drain technicians to provide you quick and reliable service anytime, day or night.