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We all know that drain problems are often a huge hassle. They usually happen unexpectedly and can cause a huge mess and headaches. One of the most common questions our drain technicians get when we respond to drain problems, is how can I prevent this from happening? The advice we give each customer is based on the type of problem they are having. Below are some recommendations to maintain your drain system.

How to clean your drains

When it comes to drain cleaners there are several options. But don’t reach for that chemical drain cleaner under your sink, we have a better option for you. We recommend you use an enzyme drain cleaner to clear slow drains. There are several benefits of using an enzyme cleaner, instead of a chemical drain cleaner.

Lenzyme Enzyme Drain Cleaner

We recommend Lenyzme drain cleaner to our customers, and here’s why.


Unlike chemical drain cleaners which can damage your plumbing system. Enzyme drain cleaners use bacteria to break down a small blockage in a drain.

Eliminate Odors

Do your drains smell when you run water in a bathroom or kitchen sink? An enzyme cleaner will eliminate the odor causing bacteria.

Can Be Used Regularly

Enzyme cleaners can be used once a month to keep your drains clear of debris. See the video below on how to use Lenzyme for slow drains and for drain maintenance.

Bacteria Growth Throughout Drain System

Lenzyme doesn’t need to be placed in every drain. The bacteria will grow throughout the drain system to help keep the entire system free of small clogs. However, if you have problems at specific drains you can treat those areas as well.

How To Use Lenzyme Drain Cleaner

How to keep roots out of your drains

Roots are one of the biggest problems for your drain system. Once you experience a backup or clog caused by roots, you will most likely continue to have to maintain your drain system to prevent backups.

Keep Drains Clear

If you consistently have backups make sure you have drain cleanouts to access your drain line quickly. A drain professional can use a rooter machine to clear the blockage. However, this does not clean the drain or prevent further backups.

Get Drains Cleaned Professionally

Hire a drain professional to hydro jet your drain system. This will thoroughly clean the drain and remove all roots. See below for additional information about how hydro jetting works.

Chemical Root Remover

After hydro jetting the line, a professional drain cleaner like TLC can add a chemical root remover, like Root-X to make sure there are no remaining small roots in the drain line. This is safe to use but not recommended to use for a long period of time. If you continuously have root problems it may be time to consider repairing or replacing the existing drain line.


Hydrojetting is an effective way to completely clean your main sewer line.

Most people commonly refer to rootering as drain cleaning, however, this is not entirely accurate. Rootering a line with a drain machine breaks through a blockage causing a backup. Hydrojetting is a separate type of service to completely clean the drain line.

Eliminate Roots

Eliminate Roots

Hydrojetting uses high-powered water to clean the entire drain. Scouring and scraping all debris in the line, especially root.

Prevent Waste Accumulation

Prevent Waste Accumulation

Low flow appliances have the tendency to not completely push waste into the sewer/septic system, creating soft blockages in your drain system.

Essential For Older Homes

Essential For Older Homes

Older homes with cast iron plumbing have a tendency to have continuous backups, hydro-jetting is essential for your drain maintenance.