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A clogged drain can happen at any time and its effects can be very unpleasant. From bad odors to rancid water and potential overflowing and damage, typically you need help fast. That’s why TLC Plumbing is committed to being here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll always be able to talk to someone when you call our office, even at 3am. You can count on TLC to be there when you have a drain problem or backup to get your drain cleaned quickly.

Common Clogs, Backups & Drain Problems

When a clogged drain or backup in your home is more than you can handle turn to TLC for fast service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is the difference between a simple clog and a major backup, learn more here:

Sewer Backups

When multiple drains are clogged at the same time there is a backup with your main sewer line.

Clogged Kitchen Sinks

A clogged kitchen sink typically happens because of food debris or grease in the drain.

Bathroom Clogs

From toilets to bathtub and shower drains, these clogs and backups can be a major problem.

Single Drain Clog

This is when only one drain in your home is clogged and an isolated issue. This type of drain can be cleared at the source of the problem, whether that be a kitchen or bathroom sink, toilet, shower or tub drain. Usually, a clog like this happens over time, it starts slowing down and then eventually stops draining altogether. There are ways to clear a slow moving drain to prevent these types of clogs.

Mulitple Drain Clogs

This is a more serious problem and usually happens suddenly. Often multiple sinks begin to backup at the same time, for example, you flush the toilet and the bathtub starts to fill with water. This is just one example, but you get the point. When this happens there is a clog or a problem somewhere along your sewer drain line under the house or between the house and sewer system.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners, they usually are a short term solution, plus they can actually harm your plumbing system.

How to prevent clogged drains

The best way to prevent clogged drains is to use an enzyme drain cleaner as preventive maintenance. Enzyme cleaners like Lenzyme introduce enzymes and bacteria into your drain system to eat away gunk and build up. You can utilize this once a month to keep your drains free from buildup. Learn more about enzyme drain cleaners and how to use them here.

Why do I consistently have clogged drains?

If you experience clogs and backups in your home more than a few times, its a good idea to have a professional evaluate your drain system. A drain specialist like TLC will use a camera to inspect your drain system. Often, if you have multiple drain problems you may have a drain line break somewhere in your home or along your drain line to the sewer system. The camera can locate and identify the problem so the drain can be repaired.

24-Hour Drain Cleaning Service in Albuquerque & Santa Fe

TLC is your clogged drain expert serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas. When you have a clogged drain that requires a professional, TLC is here for you.