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At TLC Plumbing, our service technicians have decades of experience providing  repairs and swamp cooler maintenance service in Albuquerque. We are fully licensed and insured to work on any make or model, including:

We understand that when your swamp cooler stops working, you need help fast. Our expert Swamp Cooler Technicians offer the fastest response in town, providing prompt and professional swamp cooler service when you need it the most.


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Common Swamp Cooler Repairs

Some common swamp cooler repairs we respond to throughout the summer are listed below. Some of these repairs can be reduced with proper maintenance.

Water Line Breaks

Busted water lines or breaks in the lines are a common repair we see. Water lines should be checked before starting the cooler for summer.

Water Pump Problems

A broken water pump can be a problem especially if you have hard water.

Normal Wear & Tear

Mechanical parts wear & tear contribute to air flow problems and swamp cooler repairs. Some can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Blockages Or Corrosion

Scale buildup or corroded and rusted parts can cause your swamp cooler to stop working or blockage in the water lines.

Broken Fan Belt

Fan belts break down from normal wear and tear over time. A broken fan belt will prevent the fan from blowing.

Swamp Cooler Won't Start

Check the fuse and breaker if your swamp cooler won’t start. If the fuse is broken or the breaker is tripped its time to call a professional.

How To Check Your Air Flow in Your Home

Your swamp cooler’s cooling effectiveness relies on humidity levels outside. If these levels rise too high your cooler will have a harder time lowering your home’s temperature. Times like these are when many homeowners feel their swamp cooler may be broken. The tips mentioned above are described in detail in the video. If you do these steps and still have problems with your cooler please call TLC or a professional to repair your swamp cooler.

Prevent Unnecessary Repairs with Proper Maintenance

To keep your cooler running at maximum efficiency, TLC Plumbing provides convenient, residential & commercial maintenance for your swamp cooler.

With our Heating & Cooling Preventive Maintenance Program, you can stay comfortable throughout the year. Customer Care members receive semi-annual maintenance for their residential or commercial swamp coolers and discounted rates on labor for all our other services when scheduled during regular business hours.

Our seasonal services include:

  • Spring Start-Ups
  • Winterization
  • Cleaning
  • Equipment Checks
  • Replace Worn Out Parts


Troubleshooting Your Swamp Cooler

Air flow problems are the biggest complaint our technicians hear when it comes to swamp coolers. Here are a few quick tips you can try to improve air flow performance if your cooler is easily accessible. If your swamp cooler is on your roof and you don’t feel comfortable climbing up to check it, TLC is always available to check your cooler.

Relief Air

It’s necessary to open some windows and/or doors while running your cooler to push air through the home.

Open Windows

Make sure to open windows in the hottest parts of your home to bring the cooler air into those areas.

Wet Pads

If you feel hot air blowing from your vents, check to make sure your pads are getting wet.

Contact TLC for Professional Swamp Cooler Repairs

When it’s swamp cooler service you need…it’s gotta be TLC.  For over 25 years, we have provided trusted service for New Mexico home and business owners in areas like Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo, Placitas, Belen, Los Lunas, Santa Fe, Socorro, and the East Mountains.

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