Swamp Cooler Maintenance & Start Up

Swamp Cooler Start-Up & Maintenance

Professional Swamp Cooler Maintenance & Service

Swamp coolers are relatively simple to operate and maintain compared to air conditioners. However, they still require maintenance and need to be prepped for summer and winterized in the fall. For your swamp cooler to operate properly and efficiently throughout the summer it is important to make sure you start-up your cooler correctly, and shut it down correctly in fall to prevent problems with your heating & cooling systems.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance & Service

TLC has been maintaining swamp coolers in Albuquerque & Santa Fe for over 25 years, we’re here for you to ensure you are cool and comfortable all summer long.

Spring Start-Up

Starting up your swamp cooler correctly can keep your swamp cooler running properly and efficiently all summer.


Its very important to winterize your swamp cooler correctly to prevent damage and major issues with your home and cooler.


Get tips on how to troubleshoot your swamp cooler to make sure you’re getting the best temps from your cooler.

TLC Swamp Cooler Start-Up Services

Getting your swamp cooler ready for summer can be a big task. Leave it to TLC to keep you cool and comfortable. TLC’s Spring Cooler Startup includes the following:

  • Clean and vacuum out cooler
  • Clean pump and distribution tube
  • Including removing scale buildup
  • Oil motor and pulley bearings
  • Adjust belt and pulley if needed
  • Hook up water and adjust float
  • Remove cooler damper
  • Shut down furnace or heating system completely
  • Turn off gas supply to furnace
  • Install damper on furnace

The Value of Professional Swamp Cooler Maintenance

TLC Swamp Cooler Winterization Services

Winterizing your swamp cooler properly is essential to your home each year. If water lines aren’t drained properly they can freeze and break in winter, which may cause property damage to your home. Plus if your cooler isn’t sealed in the winter you can expose parts to weather elements that may cause them to rust or break, causing you unnecessary replacement costs the following spring. Turn to TLC’s professionals to properly shut down your swamp cooler and perform a complete furnace inspection.

  • Disconnect waterline and purge waterlines
  • Drain water from cooler
  • Install cooler damper
  • Install cooler/turbine covers if applicable
  • Complete Furnace Inspection.

Regular Maintenance to Avoid Swamp Cooler Repairs

By maintaining your swamp cooler at the beginning and end of each season can also help you avoid unnecessary repairs and problems. TLC’s professionals are experienced in getting your swamp cooler ready for summer and shutting down your furnace or heating system. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing on the roof and getting your swamp cooler up and running TLC is always available for you. Turn to TLC for any of your swamp cooler services from repairs to upgrades TLC has all your cooling solutions.