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Ductless Air Conditioners are an excellent choice for homeowners with no ductwork in their home, or homes not originally designed for air conditioning like many in Santa Fe. TLC’s expert HVAC technicians can provide custom options that fit each homeowner’s needs. TLC’s team of technicians are also fully qualified to repair and maintain all makes and models of ductless air conditioners.


What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

A ductless air conditioning system is typically referred to as a mini split system provides zoned cooling without any ductwork. Like refrigerated air conditioners, mini split systems have an outdoor compressor/condenser unit. But also include an indoor air handling unit mounted to the wall.

The main advantage of ductless air conditioners are their small size and flexibility for cooling individual rooms or areas in a home. Many models can have as many as 4 indoor air handlers (for 4 zones or rooms) connected to the outdoor unit. The number of units needed depends on how much cooling is required for the home or each zone. Each zone has its own thermostat, so you only need to cool the space when its occupied, saving money and energy.

Benefits to Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless air conditioners are a great option if you have an older home, or your home wasn’t originally designed for air conditioning. Other options include if you’ve added a room addition or a room that needs extra cooling.

Fast Installation

Ductless air conditioners are typically easier to install than forced-air refrigerated air conditioners.

Energy Efficient

Ductless systems operate on less power than other refrigerated air conditioners, and only cool spaces when occupied, reducing energy waste.

Custom Temp Control

Its easy to maintain and adjust precise temperature in each room in your home.


Use less energy than traditional air conditioners, plus the refrigerant used is the most environmentally friendly refrigerant available.


The indoor air handlers are very quiet when running, usually no more than a quiet hum.

Room by Room Cooling

Allows you to cool individual rooms and eliminates wasted energy. Also allows you to target hot rooms in your home.

Ductless Mini Split System FAQs

Explore our commonly asked questions about mini split systems here in our FAQ section.

Ductless Mini Split FAQ

Troubleshooting a Ductless Mini Split AC Unit

If you are having issues with your Ductless Mini Split, try some of the trouble shooting tips below.  If none of these seem to fix your problem, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a TLC technician.


Why won’t my mini split turn on?

If you Mini Split doesn’t come on you want to check the simple things like does it have power. Make sure the breaker isn’t tripped. If it does have power see if it’s showing a weird code on the display. If so, look in your owner’s manual for it outside of any of these things you should call a technician.

How often should a mini split defrost?

Typically you’ll only see it go into defrost in the winter when you’re using it for heating and when it’s really cold outside. Most units now are designed to run at -10 and are set up to where you shouldn’t really notice a defrost cycle. If you do notice or its not heating because of how much it’s in defrost, you should call a technician to look at it.

Why is my mini split not blowing cold air?

The most common reason for loss of cold air on a mini split is as simple as a dirty filter. Regular filter maintenance is key to keeping your unit cooling at peak efficiency. If cleaning the filter doesn’t fix your problem, consider giving TLC a call.

Why is my ductless air conditioner dripping water?

The number one cause of leaks on a ductless air conditioner is due to a clogged condensate line. These lines allow the condensation from freezer coils to drain safely away from your unit. Water appearing around or under the unit can indicate a clogged line.

Do I have mold in my ductless air conditioner?

A properly maintained ductless AC unit rarely grows mold. If you do not see any visible signs of mold but wish to be sure, a technician can examine your unit.