BREEZAIR Evaporative Swamp Coolers

Breezair Evaporative Coolers

Breezair Swamp Cooler Installation, Service & Repair

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your swamp cooler for your home, we’ve got options for you. We are proud to introduce a new evaporative cooler available that provides the highest cooling capacity for a swamp cooler on the market. Breezair is the most energy efficient swamp cooler available. To put it into perspective if Mastercool is considered the better option for swamp cooling, Breezair is the best option available. Breezair is a good alternative to converting to refrigerated air. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to get a free estimate please contact our office today.

Benefits of Breezair Coolers

Breezair swamp coolers use the latest technology to monitor water quality and climate control. Breeziar units have superior control over fan speed, use less water and engineered to be quieter than your standard swamp cooler.

Cooler Temperatures

Breezair coolers get better indoor temperature diffrences than standard and mastercool coolers. Sometimes up to 40 degrees cooler which is comparible to refrigerated air conditioning. For temperature estimates see the chart further down below. Breezair systems use unique pads that offer total saturation. With multi point water distribution within the unit you get balanced even water saturation. With this saturation level you maximize cooling effectiveness.

This chart provided by Breezair directly from the manufacturer. This chart represents approximate air temperatures based on 90% saturation efficiency at sea level. From tests carried out to Australian Standard 2913.

Variable Speed Motor

Unlike any other swamp cooler available, Breezair offers a variable fan speeds for more temperature control options. With standard and mastercool coolers you get only the option for fan high and fan low even with a digital thermostat. But with Breezair you get 10 different speed options to maximize your comfort. The speed can be automated to meet your comfort levels or you can adjust manually.

Energy Efficient

Breezair coolers use up to 90% less energy than refrigerated air conditioning and up to 40% less than standard swamp coolers. Breezair also uses less water than other coolers on the market. A Breezair usses approximately 1,600 gallons of water a year. That’s approximately less than 1,000 gallons less than standard evaporative coolers. Unlike air conditioning that requires harsh chemicals to cool the air, Breezair uses only water and the latest technology to provide you with a cool, com

Interested in Refrigerated Air?

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Are You Ready To Explore Breezair?

TLC’s expert HVAC technicians are here to guide you through the process of choosing a swamp cooler or central air conditioning system that meets your needs and you budget. If you thought you were stuck with your swamp cooler because you couldn’t afford to switch to refrigerated air maybe Breezair is a better option for you. Talk to our experts today to see if Breezair is right for you. TLC also offers financing options and energy efficient loans with Nusenda Credit Union. Click here to get a free no obligation estimate today.

PNM Swamp Cooler Rebate

PNM offers a $300 rebate for upgrading to a qualifying Mastercool/Aerocool and Breezair Cooler. There are some restrictions and requirements for the size of media used so please review the information on their website. TLC will gladly assist you with the documentation needed to obtain the rebate offer. When you get an estimate for this please discuss the rebate with our technician.

Breezair Cooler Repair & Maintenance

TLC is qualified to install Breezair coolers as well as repair and maintain the units. If you choose to upgrade your cooler with us we will provide information on necessary maintenance to keep your cooler performing at optimum performance to maximize cooling. TLC’s experts provide 24-hour swamp cooler repair and provide maintenance for Breezair at the beginning and end of each season. When it comes to cooling options all you really need is a little TLC.