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TLC has several licensed, qualified HVAC technicians experienced in installing, converting or replacing your home’s air conditioning systems.  Plus our technicians can install, repair or replace any brand and we stand behind our work 100%.  TLC has been installing air conditioners throughout Albuquerque & Santa Fe for over 28 years.  Our technicians are licensed and receive hands-on continuing education to stay current on all the latest technology advancements in heating and cooling systems.  You can fee confident in knowing that your air conditioning installation by TLC will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the spring and summer.

Custom Installation Options

If you’re considering converting to refrigerated air conditioning you should know all your options.  Many people consider converting to refrigerated air when their swamp cooler just doesn’t cut it anymore. However, refrigerated air isn’t the only option you have when upgrading your air conditioner. TLC has many solutions to help improve your swamp cooler if refrigerated air isn’t an option for you or doesn’t make sense for your home and needs. TLC’s experts can recommend other solutions like the following:

Mastercool Coolers

Mastercool swamp coolers are a step up from standard swamp coolers. If you need to replace your existing swamp cooler TLC’s experts are experienced in standard cooler installations and upgrades. Mastercool swamp coolers offer a better cooling ability than standard coolers.

Breezair Cooler

If Mastercool coolers are a good option to upgrade your standard cooler from, then Breezair is the best option you can upgrade to without converting to refrigerated air. Breezair offers superior cooling capacity and a variable speed motor to maximize your comfort control. Breezair coolers offer cooling temperatures close to refrigerated air options. Ask our technicians about this cooling option today.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless air conditioners are growing in popularity for their energy efficiency and cooling effectiveness. We’ve seen a surge in areas like Santa Fe, where many homes were built without ductwork making central air conditioning not a feasible option. With ductless you are able to cool individual rooms or areas of your home maximizing energy efficiency. Mini splits can also be added as a supplemental cooling comfort for homes that have renovations or additions. While ductless is an excellent cooling option for whole home or partial cooling the installation costs are more than refrigerated air. Ask one of our professionals for more information about ductless systems.

Conversion to Refrigerated Air Conditioning

TLC is your ac conversion expert and we offer many brands to choose from finding a system that meets your home’s cooling needs, your comfort and your budget is our priority. Our expert HVAC technicians are able to install all makes and models so you can count on us finding the best system for your home. Many homeowners may not know this but in most cases your furnace needs to be replaced at the same time when you replace your swamp cooler with refrigerated air. Learn more so you can make an informed
decision about your options.

Air Conditioning Replacement

There are many homes in Albuqueque & Santa Fe that already have refrigerated air conditioning and it may be time for you to consider replacing your old unit. In most cases a typical heating and cooling system in a home can last from approximately 15 years. When your system can no longer be repaired and you’re considering replacing your units TLC is here to help navigate the options available to you.

Air Conditioning Financing Options

We know that purchasing a new heating/cooling system for your home is a huge expense. Sometimes you can plan for it, or sometimes it comes up unexpectedly. TLC offers the following financing options:

Nusenda Energy Efficient Home Improvement Financing

TLC has partnered with Nuesenda Credit Union to offer energy efficiency home improvement loans. These loans are for energy efficiency upgrades to your home. The upgrades must be a meet a minimum dollar amount and truly improve the energy efficiency of your home in some way. A new air conditioner or heating and cooling system would be a qualifying purchase for this type of loan. This is a merchant loan and you must apply through TLC. Financing is based on approved credit only.

PNM Cool Comfort Loans

PNM has recently partnered with local Credit Unions to offer financing opportunities to upgrade to refrigerated air conditioning. TLC is an approved vendor for this program and is working with these local credit unions to offer Cool Comfort Loans for converting to refrigerated air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Installation Process

We want you to be familiar with the installation process so that you can have a clear idea of what is involved and know your options.

Converting to Air Conditioning

When you convert to central air conditioning there are some additional upgrades you should be aware of that is usually part of the cost to convert. Aside from removing the swamp cooler(s) and installing the condenser and replacing the furnace(s) there may be some additional modifications required. These should be accounted for in the estimate and you should ask your HVAC professional about these factors when you receive an estimate. These factors include:

  • Ductwork modifications – There are likely ductwork modifications needed in order to accomodate the airflow for the air conditioner. If you don’t make modifications you won’t be able to adequately cool your home.
  • Electrical Upgrades – Homes older than 10-15 years ago may not have adequate electrical service to support the electrical requirements for air conditioning. Older homes electrical limit was 60amps. However, today with all the smart technology, TVs, computers and air conditioning systems require approximately 200amps. In order to install an air conditioner it may be necessary to upgrade your electrical panel to support the electrical needs. TLC has licensed electricians on staff so there is no lag time when we install your new air conditioning system. Unlike other companies that may have to outsource this service.

Ductless Mini Split Installation process (pics)

Installing ductless air conditioners does require installing wall mounted air handlers in rooms and areas in your home. These air handlers are typically installed on a exterior wall and attached to the condenser outside. Mitsubishi and Fujitsu are leading manufacturers of these type of units. They have made significant design improvements over the years to provide a sleek looking wall mount. TLC’s expert technicians stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in this area so we can bring you the best options for your home.

Always Free No Obligation Estimates

TLC provides honest, accurate, free estimates for our work. The great thing about TLC is that we have Licensed Electricians and HVAC contractors all under one roof to provide you with a seamless installation, conversion or upgrade. Contact us for a free estimate today. Or if you have questions about our installations ask one of our HVAC professionals.