Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots in your home

There may be a solution to those hot & cold spots in your home.
Let our HVAC experts check the airflow from your vents.

Get Free Duct Balancing

Improve airflow through your home

If you have problems with uneven cooling through your home allow our TLC HVAC experts to inspect your ducts and airflow problems. Our technicians will work to balance the airflow evenly out of all of your vents for better cooling through your home.

Things you should know:

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  • Duct balancing is only for homes with furnaces and cooling systems that push air through the vents to heat or cool the home.
  • Not all swamp coolers have a duct system. Most swamp coolers in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho circulate the air through vents. But some that are window mounts or room air conditioners do not circulate air through the home.
  • If you have an attic you may have a lot of heat retained in your home. There are attic fans and whole-house fans that can reduce the temperature of the house. Our experts can install
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How Does Duct Balancing Work

Our HVAC experts are currently providing FREE duct balancing for homeowners. Duct

Balance Airflow From Vents

The technician will measure airflow from every vent in your home. They will identify highs and low airflow when your air conditioning is on. The technician will balance the airflow from each vent(register) to ensure there is equal airflow from every vent.

Reduce Energy Costs

You may find that you are constantly cranking up the ac more than normal to cool those hot rooms. After balancing the airflow you may find that you don’t have to do this and may see a lower energy bill.

Identify Attic Temperature Problems

Do you have an attic in your home? Did you know that your attic can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees in summer in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho? When your attic gets this hot it makes it really difficult to cool your home. Our HVAC technician will measure your attic temperature and offer solutions if your attic is reducing your home’s air conditioner’s cooling effectiveness.

Other Options To Help Cool Your Home

If after we’ve measured and adjusted your vents you still feel like you could use extra help in cooling your home, ask our TLC HVAC experts about attic fans and whole-house fans. TLC has partnered with Quiet Cool to bring these great cooling products to Albuquerque & Rio Rancho homeowners. If you have an attic ask us how an attic fan or whole house fan can improve the temperature in your home.

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