Hard Water in Albuquerque: Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis

The Benefits of Soft Water

Can soft water make your family happier? We think so! If you’re not using soft water, not only could you be shortening the life of your appliances and your plumbing, but you’re depriving of your loved ones of all the great benefits soft water can offer your household. Contaminates in hard water can leave unwanted residue behind, make your skin feel dry, and make soap less effective. If you’re tired of seeing spots and stains on your dishes after washing, soft water can eliminate these issues and produce clean, shiny, and spotless glassware and plumbing fixtures! Not to mention, a combination of water softener systems and reverse osmosis systems can create safer drinking water for your family — now that’s priceless!

TLC Plumbing Conquers Hard Water With:

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Better Drinking Water

  • Get great water, right from the tap
  • Filter chemicals and other harmful elements
  • Stop buying water bottles & cut costs
  • Water you can trust – every time!

Water Softener Systems
Appliances & Wash Quality

  • Protect your appliances’ life span
  • Save your water heater and plumbing
  • Make washing easier with less spots
  • Ensure your swamp cooler can cool correctly

Give Your Family Softer, Safer Water

Bringing smiles to your loved ones is as easy as contacting TLC Plumbing!

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What our customers are saying about TLC’s Water Treatment:

  • We Love Kinetico

    These folks continue to provide my wife and I with reliable and professional water treatment service. Keegan in the Kinetico office and Rob my technician are true professionals. I live in the East mountains and the water is tough out here, but my Kinetico water softener and RO system makes my water like it's coming from a clear mountain stream. I recommend them highly.

Your Family Shouldn’t Have to Question Their Drinking Water

Drink, bathe, and enjoy your water with confidence! Water treatment from TLC is just a click away!

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Reverse Osmosis

It’s imperative that we drink water everyday, so you want to be sure that the water you’re giving to your family is safe. With RO or Reverse Osmosis, you can remove the numerous contaminants in your tap water by demineralization. These impurities include excess salt, bacteria, and even some viruses. Not only does it make the water safer to drink, but it makes it taste better, too! If you’re constantly purchasing refillable water jugs, or even nonrefillable water bottles for your family, RO is a great way to save money and help out our environment. You can confidently drink from your tap knowing that what you, your friends, and your family are drinking is just as pure as store-bought. Your body will thank you, and so will your wallet!

The Adverse Effects of Hard Water

Hard water can have also adverse effects on your skin & hair. The soap we use has a difficult time combating the many minerals in hard water, creating a soap residue that can linger on your skin. Hard water can also strip your hair of its necessary oils, leaving it feeling dry, brittle, and unclean. Soft water works better with soap, is more gentle on your hair, and will leave your skin feeling fresh. Another advantage of soft water? Less cleanup! Soft water won’t leave those unsightly water spots on your glassware, and that white scale crust on your shower head and faucet? You won’t have to clean it as often if you have soft water. This is because the presence of minerals such as magnesium and limestone in hard water leave behind lime scale buildup.