What Not to Put Down Your Drain during the Winter

What Not to Put Down Your Drain during the Winter Posted by on October 28, 2013 in Drains, Plumbing

We all know October in Albuquerque means colder weather and more time spent inside.

However, just because it’s getting crisper outside, doesn’t mean you can skip throwing cooking oils and grease in the outdoor trash, and instead tossing it down the garbage disposal or drain.

Avoid Damage to Your Plumbing

We are all guilty of this. When it gets colder outside, it’s easier to toss oil or grease down the drain after cooking instead of walking outside. But, in the winter months, it’s worth it to take the extra time to make sure that all grease and cooking oil is thrown in the outdoor garbage.

This is because grease has the ability to stick to the inside of your sewer pipes and over time it will start to buildup. With the large amount of grease building up in your pipes, it can ultimately cause serious blockage to your plumbing, and may be harder to fix once the winter begins.

Also, keep in mind that just because you own a garbage disposal, doesn’t mean that it has the ability to dissolve fatty grease. A garbage disposal only has the ability to tear down items into smaller pieces, not actually liquefy grease.

Keep in Mind this Winter

As the holiday season approaches, we know more cooking and baking will be on your kitchen schedule. So, remember to throw these items in the trash and avoid tossing them down the drain:

  • Lard
  • Meat fats
  • Food scraps
  • Cooking oil
  • Shortening
  • Baking goods
  • Dairy products
  • Butter and margarine

It’s safe to remember that these items especially cooking grease and oil should be thrown in the outdoor garbage, not the indoor garbage. These types of oils can be extremely flammable, and will be safer in the outdoor trash.

Be wise this winter, and take the right steps in keeping your plumbing safe. It’s common that pipes do freeze during the winter, so taking the precautionary steps that will keep you on the right path for a calm and comfy winter.



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