Tips to Maximize Water Efficiency in the Bathroom

Tips to Maximize Water Efficiency in the Bathroom Posted by on June 24, 2013 in Plumbing, Water Conservation

For many people, the ritual is the same. Wake up, shower, and prepare for a new day. But, do you think about water conservation when you’re getting ready in the morning? With a few tips and tricks, you can make your morning routine green and water-friendly. Best of all? You can preserve the life of your plumbing!

Turn the Faucet Off While You Brush Your Teeth

It’s early and you want that morning breath off your tongue. You stumble into the bathroom half asleep and turn on the faucet. But, do you turn off the faucet when you start brushing? You can save gallons of water every week by only using the faucet when you need to rinse off your brush.

Upgrade to Low Flow Toilets and Aerators

Installing low flow options in your sink can help you save water and lower the cost of your water bill. TLC Plumbing provides and installs low-flow hardware for your bathroom, including:

• Low-flow aerators for your sink
• Low-flow shower heads
• Low-flow toilets

Low flow installations can reduce water waste in your bathroom by 50% and even lower your water bill. TLC Plumbing is happy to help you select low-flow hardware and install it for you for maximum efficiency.

Live Leak Free

Regularly check for leaks in your toilet, faucet, showerhead, and tub. Leaky plumbing wastes gallons of water every day and can often lead to more costly repairs. For dependable and quality leak repair, give TLC Plumbing a call, we can usually fix your leak the same day!

Need help checking for a toilet leak? Check out our video!

Warming up the Shower

No one wants to hop into a cold shower. Instead of letting all that water go down the drain, get a bucket to catch the water and reuse it to water plants or rinse off the porch!

Shorter Showers

Encouraging your family to take shorter showers can significantly reduce your water use in the bathroom. Make it fun by playing music while you’re in the shower (you can even sing along too!) and only staying in for one song. Try to get your time down to 5-10 minutes!

Check for Toilet Leaks

A time-honored trick for checking for leaks can be found in your food cabinet! Before you head to bed tonight, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet. Remember not to flush the toilet. If color appears in the bowl the next morning, you may have a leak. Call TLC Plumbing to get that leak taken care of by a licensed, experienced plumber.

What You Flush

When you flush anything other than toilet paper, your toilet has to work a lot harder to pump the material through the pipes, using a lot more water than usual. To prevent unnecessary water waste and clogs, avoid flushing paper products like Kleenex or other foreign objects down the toilet.

We Can Help You Maximize Plumbing Efficiency

When you use less water, you help out the environment and save money on your water bill. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom to low-flow options or want to finally fix that leaky faucet, TLC Plumbing is here to help you maximize the water efficiency in your bathroom through the day-to-day.

Did you know you can get rebates for converting to water-efficient utilities from your local water authority? Check out rebates Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority has available! 


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