Experience a New Level of Cool This Summer

Experience a New Level of Cool This Summer Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Air Conditioning

New Mexico Cooling Systems

Buckle up, because we’re heading towards summer at full speed. And in New Mexico, cooling off with a popsicle isn’t going to cut it. Air conditioning is essential to a comfortable, relaxing home when it gets hot outside.

Thankfully, TLC Plumbing provides plenty of levels of air conditioning in New Mexico that meet your needs and budget. Is there anything cooler than that?

Level One: the Standard Swamp Cooler

This is an excellent option for anyone seeking simple cooling solutions. This basic unit can effectively cool your home in the summer months using evaporative cooling. A standard swamp cooler can usually cool one to two rooms, depending on the layout and size of the home. It will typically create an indoor environment that is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the outdoor heat.

Level Two: Mastercool Swamp Cooler

Ideal for medium to large sized homes or spaces. Mastercool units provide superior energy efficiency and air flow to larger spaces. Mastercool units come with manufacturer warranties, in addition to TLC’s one-year warranty that covers craftsmanship and labor. Mastercool evaporative cooling systems can achieve cooling that is 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.

Level Three: Breezair Swamp Coolers

These evaporative coolers use the latest technology to monitor water quality and climate control. Breezair units have superior control over fan speed and are engineered to be quieter than the average swamp cooler. Breezair coolers can create indoor temperatures that are up to 40 degrees cooler than outdoor temps.

Level Four: Refrigerated Air

For ultimate climate control, New Mexico homeowners can opt for the comfort of central air conditioning – also known as refrigerated air. A licensed residential and commercial HVAC contractor, TLC Plumbing can design and install a duct system that provides consistent cooling throughout the summer months.

At TLC Plumbing, we know what it takes to stay cool. That’s because we’ve been providing quality HVAC service for over three decades. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the unique cooling needs of New Mexico homes and are committed to providing the best possible cooling solutions for our customers.

Schedule Your Spring Changeover Today and Save

Every customer that schedules their spring changeover during the month of May gets $10 OFF their service visit. During your spring changeover, our licensed, qualified technician will:

  • Clean the swamp cooler, removing dirt and debris
  • Check equipment, including the motor, the motor belt, and the fan
  • Replace pads as necessary
  • Check water lines for leaks
  • Ensure all equipment is securely fastened and pump is running well

Your TLC technician will also shut down your heating system for the summer and perform a safety check to ensure you are receiving the best air quality in your home.

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