How to Maximize Commercial HVAC/R Efficiency

How to Maximize Commercial HVAC/R Efficiency Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Air Conditioning, HVAC

Our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning applies to more than just your closet! Seasonal maintenance and cleanup of your company’s Commercial HVAC system can preserve its lifespan, improve air quality, and lower operating costs.

From restaurants to multi-floor office buildings, TLC Plumbing helps you stay on top of your maintenance needs by:

  • Checking All Equipment Connections, including electrical, gas, refrigerant, and oil connections. Our technicians are licensed to identify leaks and bring the tools necessary to fix any problems on the spot.
  • Testing System Controls, so you can have the peace of mind that your system is safe, effective, and responsive to programming.
  • Cleaning Coils of dirt, debris, and corrosion to maximize energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC/R system.
  • Performing a Thorough Safety Inspection on all types of systems, including exhaust systems, refrigeration, and gas work.
  • Replace or Clean Air Filters, to improve airflow, extend the life of your equipment, and maximize energy efficiency.
  • Performing a Duct Inspection, to identify any airflow obstructions, ventilation issues, and ensure that all ductwork is effectively insulated.
  • Cleaning Dampers, to optimize climate control, prevent coil damage, and maintain quality air supply.
  • Inspecting Drain Systems, to ensure that all drainage occurs freely and there are no obstructions.
  • Checking All Functioning Equipment, including fans, belts, and bearings.

TLC Plumbing is fully equipped and licensed to perform preventive HVAC/R maintenance on any size facility in New Mexico. With over 40 licensed journeymen on staff and 24/7 emergency service, we are the fastest response in town.

Schedule Your System Check-Up Today to Improve HVAC/R Efficiency

TLC Plumbing has provided dependable maintenance for New Mexico businesses for over three decades. Contact us today to schedule your service visit. We offer free HVAC energy consultations.


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