Checking for Irrigation Leaks in the Summer Months

Checking for Irrigation Leaks in the Summer Months Posted by on July 29, 2013 in Plumbing, Services

During the summer, watering your lawn becomes more important. But, if your irrigation is suffering from leaks, you could be facing higher water bills and fines from the water authority.

Before you call a plumber to dig up your sprinkler trenches, there are a few simple ways to confirm that your irrigation system is leaking and requires repair.TLC Plumbing shares how you can check for irrigation leaks so you can identify a problem before it becomes costly.

Common Hideouts for Irrigation Leaks

While irrigation leaks can happen anywhere, they usually occur behind shrubbery or around any area where there is a sprinkler connection. Sprinkler heads along driveways and sidewalks are also more likely to leak.

Step 1: Identify the Signs of an Irrigation Leak

Because water leaks in an irrigation system can occur in several places, it helps to observe your sprinkler system carefully and take note of any abnormal changes in watering patterns. This attention to detail will help you identify the signs of a leak, which include:

      • Pooling water
      • Soggy areas around sprayheads
      • Overgrown or greener areas of turf in a particular zone
      • Water seeping onto concrete or non-turf areas
      • Damaged sprinkler heads and hoses
      • Lower than normal water pressure

When it comes to irrigation, even a slow leak can have a significant impact. In addition to altering the local flora and potentially overwatering plants, an irrigation leak could affect the structural integrity of your home and cost you more than you need to spend on your water bill.

Step 2: Confirm It’s a Leak

If you suspect that you have a leak or simply want to confirm that your system is leak free, you can perform a simple water leak test to determine the presence of a water leak; Shut off the water to your home to prevent any unnecessary water damage. Next, observe your water meter to see if any water continues to flow into the system.

If your flow indicator is moving, you may have a leak. To be certain, it’s a good idea to contact us online or by calling a New Mexico irrigation system leak expert at TLC Plumbing. We will identify, diagnose, and repair your leak with exceptional service and care.

Catch Leaks Early with Seasonal Maintenance

By performing regular leak checks, you can save yourself from the costly expenses of irrigation leaks. TLC Plumbing offers regular maintenance and seasonal checkups on your sprinkler system to ensure your water is operating correctly. With exceptional care of your sprinkler system from TLC, your family can enjoy lush, green grass every summer.


  1. John 2 years ago

    I recently went out to run my sprinklers and notice a large soggy area in the middle of my yard. According to the article, this could be a sign of a leak. Is digging it up the only real way to tell for sure? I think an irrigation expert would be able to tell better than I could what is going wrong.

  2. Nellie Toole 11 months ago

    Nice article. Thank you for sharing it. In summer months I also have a problem with my irrigation system. With the help of this article, I can easily resolve it.

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