How to Tell If Your A/C is on Its Last Legs

How to Tell If Your A/C is on Its Last Legs Posted by on June 16, 2014 in Air Conditioning


Summer is heating up. And while New Mexicans get a brief break from the heat during monsoon season – summer in the Land of Enchantment is usually a long four months of sunshine and blistering heat. Is your air conditioning unit ready for the haul?

While regular maintenance can help your air conditioning unit last longer – sometimes you just need to get a new system. Here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to consider investing in a new air conditioning unit before New Mexico reaches peak summer temps.

Your Unit is Over 10 Years Old

If your swamp cooler or central air conditioning system has lasted through two or more decades, you have achieved a victory very few homeowners can claim. But, HVAC technology has come a long way since the late 1980’s. Homeowners with older air conditioning units can improve dependability and efficiency by upgrading.

Your Energy Bills Soar in the Summer

Your air conditioning unit should not be a financial burden. TLC Plumbing can help you lower your summer cooling bills with highly efficient cooling options.

You’ve Invested in Alternate Cooling Methods

If each room in your house has a fan in addition to your air conditioning system, it’s time to consider a replacement. With better, more efficient air conditioning, you won’t have to use as many alternate cooling methods!

You Have A/C Problems Every Summer

If it’s costing more for you to maintain your cooling system than it has in the past, it may be time to upgrade. Summer should be an enjoyable time, full of leisure and comfortable fun. Frequent breakdowns can cause a lot of stress.

Your Air Conditioner Uses Freon

The cost of Freon is rising. Air conditioners that use this refrigerant will only become more costly down the road. TLC Plumbing can help you switch to an alternate refrigerant and upgrade your system to maximize efficiency.

Your A/C Blows Dust and Debris

This isn’t normal! Whether you have a swamp cooler or a central air conditioning system, the cool air should be free from debris.

Cooling Your Home is a Noisy Process

A cooling system can become unusually loud if there is a problem with the duct system, cooling coils, or fan blades. If you have to yell to have a conversation while the air conditioner is running, it’s probably time to call a professional.

It Takes a Long Time for the House to Cool Down

You shouldn’t have to wait hours after returning home from work to enjoy a cool, comfortable home. TLC Plumbing can assess your system to maximize cooling and install custom options, like a programmable thermostat, that can keep your home comfortable.

Call the Albuquerque Cooling Experts

Are you worried that your cooling system is on its last legs? TLC Plumbing can help. For over three decades, we have provided custom air conditioning repair in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. Our technicians are skilled at assessing your cooling needs and providing efficient and affordable solutions.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment of your cooling system!


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