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TLC Plumbing & Utility has been providing plumbing, heating and cooling services to homeowners and businesses across New Mexico since 1987. With every year the need for our industry is growing faster than we are able to find individuals who know or are interested in learning the trades.

A service technician’s job is hard work, long days, working in the heat and the cold, in tight spaces and usually in emergency situations. But at the end of the day happy customers make up for all the hard work.

At TLC our goal is to teach people the benefits of working in the trades and encourage them to join us. At TLC we look for the very best people, first and foremost we look for people that align with our Core Values and have the motivation and desire to excel in their area of expertise.

Committed to Excellence


Honesty is #1 when looking for a future Technician, our customers wants to have peace of mind that whomever we send to their home is trustworthy.

Hard work

Hard work, The ability to work hard and stay focused is key in our service-based industry and can be the difference between a good tech and a great one.


TLC enjoys a high level of trust with its customers because of the respect we show to them and their property.


Compassion, we understand that everyone is human and that by being compassionate we can maintain the highest standards and expectations and demonstrate that compassion to our customers.


A service technician has to maintain a high level of consistency in all that they do. Making quality repairs and never taking shortcuts is one of the reasons we are so trusted by our customers.

Imagine The Possibilities.

A few of the things you can expect from working here.


Excellent Benefits

TLC offers an excellent benefits package that includes, medical, dental & 401k.

Profit Sharing Bonus

TLC is committed to providing profit sharing bonuses.

Continuing Education

TLC has an in-house training facility to make continuing education opportunities easy and supports growth & development.

Apprenticeship Program

TLC has a 4-year Apprenticeship Program that enrolls participants annually. This program has helped employees excel in their professional and personal lives.

Hiring Bonus

A maximum moving incentive of up to $5,000 payable as follows: $2,500 at successful completion of 90 days with TLC, $2,500 at successful completion of 6 months with TLC and must hold one NM Journeyman License.

Our Locations


TLC is the largest Plumbing, Heating, Cooling contractor in the market with 150 people in our Residential Service Division and servicing over 18,000 homes a year and 25 people in our Commercial Service Division servicing over 3,000 businesses in New Mexico. This large branch has amazing resources with unlimited opportunity for growth.

5000 Edith Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the United States. This facility employs 15 team members. TLC is relatively new to the Santa Fe Market and therefore has a much smaller shop. However, it’s smaller branch that is rapidly growing with opportunity for growth

2532 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, NM 87507

New Mexico Living

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Population: 2.086 million (2014)

Cost of Living: New Mexico has a cost of living index of 94.90, 5 percent less than the national average.According to a report by the Tax Foundation, $100 is worth $105.26 in New Mexico, while it’s only worth $89.05 in California

Traffic (Commute): An average of 22 minutes, less than the national average of 26 minutes.

Median Home Price: $161,800

Cultural/Arts: New Mexico is referred to as the “State of the Arts” with a diverse Southwestern artistry that can be found in the architecture, artwork, and cuisine. More than 70 different ethnicities reside in the cultural diverse city of Albuquerque alone. The southwestern culture and heritage is a huge part of the livelihood with many customs and traditions that are celebrated through festivals and art.

Outdoor Activities: New Mexico attracts millions of outdoor enthusiasts each year with a diverse hiking, camping, and skiing experience. Hike and camp through six of the world’s seven life zones, from the rugged mountaintops to the sandy deserts. Soak up the Winter sun as you ride down the eight alpine and three Nordic ski areas in New Mexico. The wildlife and scenic beauty is plentiful as you enjoy the many outdoor activities the state has to offer.

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